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Niagara Falls for the weekend

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  • Niagara Falls for the weekend

    Spending a long weekend camping, our kids have never seen the Falls so we and my sister’s crew are headed up. We hear they’re having fireworks all week which should be awesome. Putting up with tourist crowds isn’t my thing at all but I’ll deal with it.

    Loading up most of our fishing gear because the campground is lakeside but will be looking into options to get out on a boat. Probably will make a stop at the Cabela’s near Buffalo if it isn’t too far out of the way during our travels. Not expecting to find much but we’ve never been to that store so would like to check it out.

    So summer begins.

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    Can't believe you've never seen the falls. Looking forward to reading of your first impressions. Unstoppable power. Enjoy vacation.
    Never hurts to check out Cabelas, or any interesting sporting goods store for that matter. One never knows. Stay safe Fitch family.


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      I've only been there once. It was July, 1986. I'd been doing 12-hour days programming a batch control system for magnetic tape coating. It was at Kodak in Rochester. My rental car was a red 5-speed Toyota Tercel and I dove it one evening after my shift was over 7pm. I was thankful there were spotlights on the Falls.


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        E51C91D7-8131-4465-9C77-BBFCA22E1247.jpg All set up, checked out the campground and are getting dinner together. Should be a nice weekend.

        Scored at Cabela’s when they had a few of the modified cases needed to use with the OAL Gauge. Something I’ve been looking for for awhile. Picked up a couple other things to burn up the Kid’s gift card. Now I owe him $100, lol!




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          We don’t need no stinkin’ garbage bag!


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            Originally posted by fitch270 View Post

            We don’t need no stinkin’ garbage bag!
            That pic has evil Marvel Universe villain and his minions written all over it! 😳😮😳😬
            Last edited by dewman; 07-02-2022, 02:28 PM.


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              You do not have permission to view this gallery.
              This gallery has 1 photos.


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                Got me again 😳🙄😎


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                  Amflyer : You made me choke on my coffee. I needed that, it's been a rough month. 👍🏻👍🏻




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