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  • The little things

    That make your day.

    One of my accounts has this guy hanging around his house. He doesn’t use the bird feeders but does come up on the deck and eat out of a bowl the homeowner puts out for him and will chase cars down the drive when they leave. I couldn’t quite get him to hand but didn’t have anything for him to eat either. I’ll be looking out for him next month.



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    That's unusual behavior and very interesting. Yes, would make me smile.


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      Being from Michigan but now living here I do miss them greatly. Grouse, pheasant, woodcock, and woodducks ruled my world for my happiest years. Me and my Brit Christie had it going on. Wow am I melancholy now.😞


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        Neighbors have a huge garden and sell the produce.
        They used to have a road runner (El Paisano) who hung around. As customers would load their purchases, she would occasionally jump in their car as if she was checking what they bought. She raised several broods, but none of them hung around.
        They didn't raise this bird, she just "showed up".

        That's neat, fitch270!


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          I was back at this place a few days ago, the bird came out a few minutes after I backed in. He must pay attention to what goes on around there. Funny thing was this time he followed me to the next house a couple hundred yards down the road. Weekender place with a gate, he popped out while I was locking it back up. I took a couple short videos that I wish I could post, on one of them you can hear him make a cluck/putt/purr type sound much like a turkey or a chicken. I wasn’t really surprised but didn’t know they’d do that. The bugger is pretty cool, part of me wanted to catch him with my hat and bring him home. Probably wouldn’t have gone over well and I have no idea what I would have done with him anyway.





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