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What do you guys do for leg cramps In bed?

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    Originally posted by Treestand View Post
    I get the old Lady to Play On the @%$#& and the stiff cramp goes away. LOL
    Thank You Mis, Toni Santa will be good TO YOU:-))
    Sometimes it's the love itself that hurts.


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      Originally posted by Ontario Honker Hunter View Post
      Increase your calcium intake. More milk or even Tums. Yesterday I had a bit of cramping starting up in hamstring at the end of a long day up and down ravines hunting pheasants with Opal. I drained a quart of 1% when I returned to motel + some eggnog. No problems sleeping or during super long day today hunting all three dogs individually.
      You're welcome.

      "Loss of fluids, salts, and minerals—especially sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium—can disrupt ion balances in both muscle and nerves. This imbalance can prevent the muscles and nerves from responding and recovering normally and can lead to cramping."


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        Originally posted by Treestand View Post
        I get the old Lady to Play On the @%$#& and the stiff cramp goes away. LOL
        Thank You Mis, Toni Santa will be good TO YOU:-))
        Fella asked his buddy if he'd ever really and truly hated anybody. When the buddy replied "No", he said, "Then you've never been in love, have you?"


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          Originally posted by Buckshott00 View Post
          Cramps are largely caused by an electrolyte imbalance. It largely presents when people are dehydrated because your body goes into what's known as "hyponatremia" and / or "hypokalemia" low blood sodium or potassium, hence the banana comment.

          Do yourself a favor and skip the pickle juice. Try some gatorade and daily stretching instead. I used to get wicked cramps in my calves. Have to do the stretching. If regular Gatorade is too sweet, dry the low sugar variety or Propel.
          Jimbo it definitely is; it all falls under various electrolyte imbalance conditions. I understand ATP and the Phosphate Ion's role in muscle contraction, but it's not the whole story.

          Chemically Potassium is 4X as potent as Sodium, but they have similar but different transport mechanisms within the body. Whether it is Hyponatremia, hypokalemia, hypocalcemia(low blood calcium) or Hypomagnesemia (low blood magnesium), when the positively or negatively charged electrolytes gather too much in one area you'll get cramps, if there's not enough free transport of the those ions you'll get cramps.

          What I do for my calf cramps, and thank God with the stretches it's been a long time; is grab the cramping muscle in an absolute vise-like pinch grip and massage it as best I can. Stretching man, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I never want to spend another day limping around because my calf muscles are acting up.




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