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You all had full time jobs. The ones that worked outside, do you any tips for the real hot days?

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  • Proverbs
    Growing up in Phoenix and working construction during summer months (during the university years) you had to figure it out or you wouldn't make it, literally. We didn't have a day or two, we had four months (30 years later, it's up to five months) of 100-115 degree temps every day. My routine was to eat a big dinner of pasta or the like and drink water mixed 50/50 with an electrolyte sports drink low in sugar. Breakfast of bananas and eggs. Lunch was typically bananas, peanut butter and a can of tuna. No extra sweets, cereal, or junk food, or you would feel like crap very quickly. Drink lots of water mixed with low-sugar sports drink, and drink before you feel thirsty. Wear long sleeves to keep the sun off your skin. Some of our crew took salt tablets with the water, but everyone's chemistry is different. I advise against drinking the real sweet sports drinks like Gatorade unless you mix extra water with it.

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  • You all had full time jobs. The ones that worked outside, do you any tips for the real hot days?

    New Jersey Temperature are in the nineties today and tomorrow.
    I will take the ice cold weather, any day of the week.



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