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You all had full time jobs. The ones that worked outside, do you any tips for the real hot days?

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    Originally posted by MattM37 View Post
    Putting in hay on the farm was always a treat. You could either be in the blazing sun unloading the wagon, or up in the mow where it was probably well over a hundred degrees. Breathing in the chaff was a bonus. I'd hawk up gobs of green and black snot for a good couple hours every night after work. Being a teenager, though, I wasn't too bothered by the heat. We boys all felt pretty superior doing manly work while our friends all had summer jobs at McDonalds and K-mart. Still, after each load we'd go into the milkhouse and soak our heads under the faucet and drink straight from the tap. Bad thing was, it was sulphur-water; you were so thirsty you really didn't care, but the burps and farts could get pretty fierce. This is probably the grossest post I've ever written.

    My uncle's hired man would sometimes bring a jug of something he called "switzel." I don't know what all was in it; I think it was water mixed with vinegar and ginger, maybe cinnamon. He swore by it, claiming that just one swig completely quenched his thirst. We younger guys would point out that it wasn't just a matter of wetting your throat, you had to actually have water in your body, but he'd just call us "know-it-alls" and ignore us. He never keeled over, though, so I guess it did something for him.
    We did the square bales, toss 'em on the elevator, and if you're in the mow, make sure you don't catch one on the head when it comes down. It used to be fun to be the one unloading -- go as fast as you can to swamp the guys in the mow. Of course, you knew you'd get the same thing when one of those guys was down in the wagon. I started for my uncle when I was twelve; my first wage was 3.50 an hour. I think he bumped it fifty cents every summer I came back, which I did all the way to the end of college.


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      Originally posted by Buckshott00 View Post
      Drinks lots of water, go for low sugar electrolyte drinks. Gatorade's Propel and G2 mixes are good for this. Take breaks when you need them. Recognize the signs of Heat Stroke / Exhaustion and don't push yourself further than your limits.
      Gary, freeze a couple bottles of water and you can drink them as they thaw.




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