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does anyone know if your'e in the wild should you go for fish or small game

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  • does anyone know if your'e in the wild should you go for fish or small game

    does anyone know if your'e in the wild should you go for fish or small game

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    the answer would depend on terrain, weather, and situation.

    Also what is the skill level of the individual, what supplies they have. Foe example, do you know how to set up aboriginal snares, deadfalls, etc?

    Can you make a wier to catch (trap) fish in a neary stream?

    Do you consider grasshoppers small game? Crawfish?


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      If fire, shelter, water and distress signals have been taken care of I would trap fish before I would try to trap small game. It is easier and everything you need is in the woods.It is also a natural holding tank until you need them.


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        You're refering to a survival situation, right? If so, and there is a nearby waterway, trying to get some fish MIGHT be fruitfull, but you'd have to know what you were doing.

        At the same time, why not set out some snares and deadfalls? If fish AND game are in the same area, try to make the best of both of them.


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          depends on where you are and your skill level, i am an accomplished spearfisher and can easily fashion a spear out of a stick and have elastic band on me all the time to use for sling shot or pole spear, i can also spear games with a pole spear made on site, for small animals i rely on snares and prayers, fish yield less energy then mammals do. i rely on multiple sources of income, so in a survival situation i decide if i am staying put or moving on, if staying put, i establish a shelter, trap line, and go forging for plants and beast, if i am moving on i grab what i find along the way, you know the old sayings: 1. the more you know the less you carry (minimum knkfe and fire tool); 2. nature is your survival kit, and your brain is your survival tool




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