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I know to boil water can get out most bacterias. My question is does it get out all microbes and bacteria? Many people have va

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  • I know to boil water can get out most bacterias. My question is does it get out all microbes and bacteria? Many people have va

    I know to boil water can get out most bacterias. My question is does it get out all microbes and bacteria? Many people have varying answers to whether or not it actually does. Also are there any backwoods (found in the field) additives I can use to make the water taste better? Because lets face it, water right out of the pond isn't very attractive unless you're parched. Also, I know there are all kinds of filtration systems and tablets that you can use to purify water, but I want to be prepared to not have to rely on these things in case they are not available but I also want to avoid health risks. I would rather be thirsty than sick but at any rate you cannot survive for too long without water.

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    Boiling water for at least 5 min kills the bugs however it has no affect on chemical contamination.
    For years I have used Pur pump water filters they are worth the money. Remove all microbes and most chemicals. Even water from those murky ponds becomes almost tasteless.


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      Thanks for your advice charlie. Do you know of any inexpensive filters that I can filter the water through right into my glass? I have heard that there are some filters you can use without the pumps...almost like a cofee filter type, but obviously better. I am a mimimalist so less is better for me. Thanks again Charlie.


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        Boiling is the safest way to purify water.
        Bring the water to a rolling boil for one full minute
        Let the water cool before drinking If you still have concerns use 3-5 drops of bleach per quart,let it stand for 30 minutes for clear water 60 minutes for cloudy- In absence of bleach the iodine tablets were used ( bad taste though)"Good Army Training"


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          I agree 100% with Charlie. When I was in my biology class I learned that heat kills cells . Idk if it kills bacteria. Or virus ( if they r made of cells than it shoul) but it won't get ride of harmful chemicals if there r any in the water. To be safe I would get a really good quality water filtration system. It's worth it if your life depends on it. Those pills that u dump in water should work but u will want leamonade mix with it to take out the bitterness.


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            Let's take your question point-by-point.

            First, yes, boiling your water--and keeping it at a good roaring boil for a few minutes--will kill virtually all bacteria that might be harmful to you. Bacteria are, keep in mind, living organism, and having the water temp at such a continuous high level will kill nearly anything that lives.

            However, as others have pointed out, non-living contaminants like chemicals (if your water source is polluted) and harmful metals will remain in the water regardless of whether it's boiled or not. To remove those, you need to store-bought methods of filtration.

            Finally, as far as backwoods flavor additives, it depends on your preference. Dropping certain plants or leaves (like pine needles, for example, or rosemary, mint, ginger, etc) into your boiling water can give it some flavor. However, tossing plants into your pot is a dangerous game. You want to be CERTAIN that you've successfully identified the correct plant, as any mistakes in identification can have dreadful, poisonous consequences. Another option is to carry some tea bags or lemonade powder mix with you into the backcountry. These are cheap, lightweight options that will make your funky water taste 100 times better.


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              cherokee matt there are filters that work that work by osmosis as you describe. They are very slow compared to high quality pump filters. Remember you get what you pay for and the price of a good water filter is cheaper than the doctor, medication and time from work should you get water that makes you sick.
              There are some good quality mini pumps available that will get you a few glasses of drinkable water. But on a per gallon basis they make your water much more expensive than a quality pump filter. Due to the fast clogging of the filter.


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                Some filters just take out the bad taste btw




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