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I don't wear glasses anymore and have a question about tears. On cold windy days my eyes tear alot. I tend to wipe them on my

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  • I don't wear glasses anymore and have a question about tears. On cold windy days my eyes tear alot. I tend to wipe them on my

    I don't wear glasses anymore and have a question about tears. On cold windy days my eyes tear alot. I tend to wipe them on my sleeves. I am very aware of my scent with my clothes. Do my tears have a scent that a deer can pick up? We wear special unscented clothes and wash in special soaps, special rubber boots, etc. Are we killing all of our prep work with a few tears? What about a runny nose also?

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    I don't have an answer to the tears and running nose possibly catching the attention of some buck with a good nose. Assuming someone says it is a problem what could you possibly do to correct the problem??? If you can't answer that question why worry about it in the first place? It is risky to get too far down this path or you may find yourself worrying about burbing or.... and face some very hard choices. Just kidding! I can't wait to hear the suggestions in this matter!


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      For a runny nose, I use Afrin. it is a nasal spray, works great for CERTAIN problems. But don't take it more than 5 days, twice a day or you can get to where you feel you can't breathe through your nose without it. Read the instructions. Once a person gets hooked on it, it is hard to get off. Specially since we all like to breathe.


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        I have no answer for the tears but for my runny nose I take an anti-histamine pill such as Cloritab before I go to the stand. It works for about 4-5 hours and you dont have to worry about moving to much or getting a raw nose. Hope this is helpful.


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          I have shot a deer at 12 yards sitting up against the base of a tree the morning after I used my wool jacket, and wore my long-johns to bed. One morning I have also walked past a spot i had sat in the evening before and found that 2 deer had walked directly through my butt print, and I did not wear anything at all to mask my scent. Basically my point is that I think you are being a bit too concerned about scent protection, but I guess its up to you.




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