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I find a lot of sign in the area I am hunting and get a lot of pictures, but when it comes to bow season I see no deer at all.

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  • I find a lot of sign in the area I am hunting and get a lot of pictures, but when it comes to bow season I see no deer at all.

    I find a lot of sign in the area I am hunting and get a lot of pictures, but when it comes to bow season I see no deer at all. I will still get pictures during the season, but never when I am on stand. I sit in the stand for a lot of time and get nothing. Why could this be?

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    Check the prevailing wind. If you're in a hilly area, the wind might swirl around and put every deer in the vicinity on guard, so you'd need to practice strict scent control. Do you fidgit? I know I sometimes do, so a blind that hides movement is a big help. Best of luck to you, and be patient.


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      could also be other hunters in the area, and if deer get bumped and spooked enough they will go nocturnal.


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        Try a couple days of sitting from before light to after dark. Last season was in the same situation, lots of sign, but no sightings. Until I sat all day. Also pick the day to sit all day based on weather(not only during the day but also during the night. A stormy night will put the deer to sleep and as result they will move more during the day.) Good luck!


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          Your scent, movement or noise could be alerting the deer. Just do you best to control all three, and as pineywoods just said, be patient. Good luck & have a safe hunt.


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            A long time ago I read an article that suggested that out of every 100 bowhunters only eleven enjoyed success and firearms produced a success rate of 21 out of 100 hunters harvested a deer.So on that basis 100 trips should produce a opportunity level at anywhere between 11 and 21 per cent for harvesting an animal.If things are not working I always try and change the variables involved-location-time-different travel routes to your hunting location.This approach keeps you fresh in your outlook.Remember it not where the deer were it is the next time you are working towards.




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