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When hunting from a ground blind, is it better use a store bought blind and try to camoflauge it? Or use some brush in the area

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  • When hunting from a ground blind, is it better use a store bought blind and try to camoflauge it? Or use some brush in the area

    When hunting from a ground blind, is it better use a store bought blind and try to camoflauge it? Or use some brush in the area and make a natural blind?

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    Even with a store bought blind, I'd try to blend it in with some cut brush or evergreen boughs.Myself, I use living softwoods to make my ground blinds beacause,
    A- Im cheap and would rather spend $$ on ammo.
    B- cut soft wood boughs give off a natural cover scent.I still use store bought cover scent but i believe the extra cedar, spruce, pine smell doesnt hurt.


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      I think a natural blind is better, but I usually use both. I carry a small, light, folding blind (a "turkey" blind). It sets up fast & easy. Then I cut some brush to fill in my "doorway" and break up the straight lines and unnatural look of the blind.


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        I think it is definitely a question of assessing your hunting area and how a fabricated blind blends in with your natural surroundings.The design(camo) may not give a great advantage when staged against a natural backdrop.As autumn progresses colors in the landscape go through a variety of changes.I am not sure if there has been much research done on how the material used for these blinds reacts to natural light vs that of plant life that is at the end of the growing cycle.I think the earlier answers suggest using some natural components to blend,which is excellent advice.


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          Both have advantages.
          Natural hides are there all the time and will be less noticed by wildlife.

          Ground blinds as decoy hunter mentioned don't always blend in to the natural background.

          If you use a blind utilize brush or leaves found in the immediate area to prop up against or around to help break up its silouhette. You may want to even consider burlap in the fall to tone down and green and help place natural camo.

          You could also put the blind in natural hide and add the benefit of hiding your movement while breaking the silouhette up.


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            Both is the answer. If you get a store bought blind then use some tree limbs. Place the limbs upright around the blind, It will blend in better and the natural movement of the leaves will help it to look like that it should be there.


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              i like the store bought ground blinds because of the black inside liner. and as for placing it put the blind in the intended area that you would like to hunt. put it in the desired place any where from 3 to five days in advance so the animals will get used to it


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