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I ask this question in all honesty and senserity. Should hunters be able to hunt with an atlatl (throwing spears/darts)? If so,

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  • I ask this question in all honesty and senserity. Should hunters be able to hunt with an atlatl (throwing spears/darts)? If so,

    I ask this question in all honesty and senserity. Should hunters be able to hunt with an atlatl (throwing spears/darts)? If so, should they be allowed to hunt in their own season or durning the bowhunting season? And if they use the atlatl for fishing, should it be regulated ino seasons or to just specific species? Does anyone think differently?

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    It's not absolutely illegal in all states. Some--like Indiana, or Montana, for example, have specific regulations. In Montana, you can't hunt game animals, but you can hunt raccoons and coyotes and smaller stuff with an atlatl (I think).

    It shouldn't be given its own season because, simply put, I just don't think enough interest would be there. It's such a niche practice.

    I don't see much harm or downside to making an atlatl legal during bowhunting season though. After all, what is a spear aside from a larger, much slower-moving, close-range broadhead?

    Just me two cents.


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      It is legal in most states unless specifically listed as illegal. This is usually handled by a statement in the regs _"only approved hunting methods may be used" Or something similiar. I have used atlatl to take deer in my younger days, you need a good arm. Very much like bowhunting. As a freedom loving hunter I have no problem with the use of any hunting tool. Ethical hunters will make sure they are proficient.


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        I say if you can use it go ahead. I think it should be sanctioned during the archery season since they are some what similar in their delivery of the payload. Not really sure where you can get them. Do people sell them or have you guys just made your own? It is no doubt a very effective tool in the taking of game.


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          Fifteen years or so ago a dentist here in Alabama was fined for killing several deer over a period of time.After collecting the fine money somehow it is legal now.If you are good enough to kill them with a sharp stick have at it.


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            This is an interesting question. I can't think of any good reason why it shouldn't be allowed for hunting. If I had enough time to practice & get proficient, I would like to try it. For fishing, I think Florida law would treat it like a speargun in salt water & like bowfishing in fresh water. Most game species would be off limits, but some fish are OK. You could use it to hunt exotics--I've got snakeheads behind my house that would make great targets.


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              Anyone who wants to take a deer or anything else with an atlatl has my admiration. Go for it. As has been stated, it's legal in some places.




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