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Being new to deer hunting I have read all kinds of articles and listened to other hunters. One thing that puzzles me is the big

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  • Being new to deer hunting I have read all kinds of articles and listened to other hunters. One thing that puzzles me is the big

    Being new to deer hunting I have read all kinds of articles and listened to other hunters. One thing that puzzles me is the big emphasis on scent. Yet, me with my decreased sense of smell, gun oil is very strong. So what good is scent free clothing, chewing gum, deordorant, etc when gun oil smells so strongly? Should I not oil my guns before going hunting (bolt action) since I will only be shooting (hopefully) one or at the most two shots?

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    I have a tendency to go a little overboard on the scent-free stuff, but really only during bow season. During gun season, I figure that my shots will come at greater distances and I just don't have the tendency to worry as much about it.


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      keep your rifles oiled then wiped down real good. when afield put your nose into the wind (very least a crosswind) and the deer will scent NOTHING! You'll only get one shot anyway. Make 'er count, eh?


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        Usually I get my rifle out a couple months before season and run about a box of shells through it. Then I tear it down and clean it. Not cleaning it right before will help cut down on the powerful scent from the gun oil.


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          i never use scent block, camo, any scents, or calls
          im 17 killd 10 deer all under 20 yards & killed them all from the ground, in short you dont need all that expensive stuff to kill a deer, but ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GUNS CLEAN & OILED


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            Deer have an incredible sense of smell wich is their first line of defense. All the fancy scent blockers in the world won't help you if you are upwind of the deer.


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              I'm a bit worried about the amount of gun oil on your firearm if you can smell it that closely. you might be over lubing.

              Too much gun oil will run the risk of collecting crud in your rifle and the lube itself "gunking" up and becoming sticky / goopy. Good lubrication is important to your rifle but it can be overdone.

              As for the root cause, imagine how much that rifle smells to you, not imagine you're a deer with thousands if not millions of times more sensitive nose. If the wind carries your smell to the deer, it's going to get spooked. A deer might not know or care what gun oil smells like, but it knows what people smell like.




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