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Better off, or just "Old Man's Disease?"

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  • Better off, or just "Old Man's Disease?"

    I spend too much time thinking about the past. I always took my strong sense of nostalgia as a sign that, hey; growing up was pretty good (nice job family!)

    So here's poser for you: Were things really better back then, from relationships and communication skills, job ethic and hunting opportunities "back in the day," or is that just us collectively getting ready to retire down in Boca, pull our belts up over our prodigious bellies and complain about taxes all the time?

    I lean towards the "things have gone to shit these days," to put it bluntly. Convince me I'm wrong (please)

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    Well, I'm working on cranky old fart, trying for curmudgeon.
    I had more energy 30 years ago and there were a lot more pheasants.
    To keep it positive, medicine has made great improvement, cars and trucks last much longer, the weather guessers are more accurate, politicians are no less honest, fishing lures are better, ammo is more dependable (when you can find it), the sun still rises and sets, l can walk down my street without fear, l still have my Tom Petty vinyls, and many other little details that make it worth getting out of bed at 6A.M.
    I don't get even close to social media. TV news is limited to local news other than occasional bits of the 24 hour channels. Relationships are governed by the saying, Life is too short to put up with assbags.
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      Keeping strictly to hunting——— the woodlots, creek, sloughs, and fields of my Michigan youth are all gone. Expanding towns, rural subdivisions and mega farms (dairy) consumed them. Every tree posted. A kid has no chance to hunt. No place and the cost keep average people out. That means voting people are shut out. Which they will remember at the polls. When public free hunting is gone, and it will be, we have only ourselves to blame.
      There is a small argument to be made that tactical guns/gear removed the romance and nostalgia from hunting too. Replacing the desire to own & use dad/grandpa’s guns (along with their respect for the land, animals, & traditions ) with full blown shoot em up kill crazy burn it down.


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        …….. there are a lot more deer though and killing one is far easier to do.


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          Dunno about better or worse, I suppose you could say things were simpler “back then”. Human nature hasn’t changed one lick but technology certainly has at an exponential rate in both directions, good and bad.

          One thing that gives me some peace of mind is my kids don’t seem phased by it. These are their “Good Old Days”, as hard as that is for me to fathom.

          The timing of this thread is somewhat ironic. I’d planned to add to Monday Music and mention that over Labor Day our local radio station had transitioned from a 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Pop Music format, which wasn’t horrible, to a straight up Classic Rock format. Less commercials and a much broader playlist that isn’t near as heavy on just the better known tunes from a wide range of artists. New format of old classics. Circle of Life. That said, forgive me for posting this clip here but it seems appropriate.

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            I'm into the OFS stage. "Old Fart Syndrome".
            ....and that's exactly what it is.
            It's no longer comfortable to hold gas for a more polite release! 🤭
            I don't know if there are more deer now or I can just sit still longer.
            The mind wants to be out there on cold, frosty mornings. The body isn't always willing!
            Simply "being" afield has become important.
            "Not" taking game has become less important.
            "Not" having to clean game is more important! LOL!
            People have changed.
            Neighbors used to be friendly. Now they put up "Posted" signs.
            ....and I don't blame them for putting up "Posted" signs!

            My signs read;
            Trespassers will be shot on sight!
            Survivors WILL be prosecuted.

            A friend lost a portion of his inheritance because some knot headed kid damn near castrated himself on one of his division fences.
            Judge said, "You should have had "POSTED" signs up!"


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              I thought it was "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."


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                "prosecuted"? or maybe "persecuted"?




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