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Sunday music?

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  • Sunday music?

    Why not.

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    Why not, indeed.
    Last edited by franchi20; 02-13-2022, 02:39 PM. Reason: Changed to a better video.


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      Can't believe I haven't put up any of this. An influence on Dylan.


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        Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
        Can't believe I haven't put up any of this. An influence on Dylan.
        Boy, haven't heard that one in a long time. It was one of my favorites to perform at "The Opry".
        Kinda reminds me of the old hootenanny songs of "yore"! 😀


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          Now that football season is over it’s time to bring on baseball (and softball). School ball practice starts in a few weeks and I’m ready to chase after the kids for a coupe months.


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            Coupe months is right. I wish it were time to get out the Coupe.


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              Nobody wants to join in? So here's another John Prine song.


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                    I forgive him entirely for trying to get "fuelie heads on a 396..."
                    Last edited by Amflyer; 02-15-2022, 08:23 PM.


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                      Originally posted by Amflyer View Post

                      I forgive him entirely for trying to get "fuelie heads on a 396..."
                      Dude, you are a Renaissance man extraordinaire. Gear head too huh? Been a long time since I heard someone reference the old double humps.

                      So what kind of hot rod we talking about mister? Pics or it didn’t happen, lol!


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                        The car in the song?

                        "I got a sixty-nine Chevy with a three-ninety-six
                        Fuelie heads and a Hurst on the floor"

                        My first car was a 1968 Firebird. 400 small block, 400 turbo-hydramatic with a shift kit. I put headers and glass-packs on it, cheezy sheep skin seat covers, did all the body work (poorly) and had the local shop spray it for me. I picked a color I called candy apple, but was really just maroon. Such a piece, really. I loved it. Of course I wished I still had it.

                        Moved onto others, 68 Chevy Biscayne, 72 LeMans. Everyone had a hot car back then.

                        Prob a midlife crisis for sure, but man, I can still see, hear and smell that Firebird! Still chase that feeling with other,, modern cars, but what I really want is that old Pancho-powered, leaded-burnin', Night Ranger cassette-playin' POS!


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                          Obviously the car in the song couldn’t exist, you aren’t bolting small block heads onto a big block engine.

                          Back in my racing days we’d always be on the lookout for double hump 2.02 fuelie heads and 350 blocks with the 3970010 code, most of those were 4 bolt mains. The few two bolts with that number were stronger, something about the nickel content or something. They were coveted because you could have them converted to angled four bolts. I had one that ended up in a pickup, put together with some other race engine cast off parts.

                          A cousin had a 67 Lemans with a power glide transmission, cool car.

                          My first was a ‘68 Rambler American, no hot rod by any means but I lifted the rear, had it painted and put BF Goodrich Belted T/A’s on it with some decent hubcaps. It ended up looking pretty slick for a wannabe. If I had it back it would have a small block Chevy dropped under the hood😎.

                          My second and third cars were ‘78 & ‘79 Pontiac Grand Prix’s that shared a 350 Pontiac engine out of a ‘72 Tempest. Pre smog emission motor. Dropped it in the ‘78 stock then wrecked the front end hitting the guardrails in a snowstorm. Found the ‘79 for sale with a bad motor thinking I’d swap the noses but it was a nicer equipped car so pulled the 350 out of the ‘78. This time I stuck a Crane cam and lifters in it topped with an Edelbrock intake and Holley 650 4 barrel. Woke that motor up by letting it breath better. Wouldn’t win many races at the drag strip but was a total sleeper on the street.

                          The dream isn’t over, my wife’s former boss met us at one of the Kid’s ballgames last spring showing up in his new to him 2010 Vette. She commented afterwards that when the kids were out of the house we might have to look for something comparable. Low mileage, 30+ mpg highway and under $20K. Works for me.


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                            All this talk about Pontiacs. I put a 350 and 350TH from a 70 LeMans into a 51 Chevy pickup. Changed the stock rearend with enclosed drive shaft to one from a 55 Chevy and replaced the front hubs with ones from a 54 Chevy to have 5 bolt pattern all around.


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                              First cars!?
                              1) 1952 DeSoto! - threw a rod
                              2) 1960 Ford Fairlane - pop wanted the engine for his pickup
                              3) 1963 Chevy Impala 327 w/3 on the tree - had already been rode hard when I got it

                              From there on, auto ownership is kind of a blur.....




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