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  • Turn out the lights

    Elvis has left the building.

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    Totally agree.........
    Last edited by PigHunter; 09-18-2021, 05:38 AM.


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      "I'm b-a-a-a-ck!"


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        It’s starting to feel like us three are the janitors in here…..


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          I wonder if OL has set this site up to no longer accept new members, too?
          Speaking about "age brackets"! I grew up reading F&S, OL and Sports Afield. Those were standard barber shop fare. Nobody goes to barber shops anymore and kids play on phones instead of reading magazines. No wonder the "outdoor world" as we know it is crumbling!


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            Maybe if you would post both here and F&S (like most the writers/editors do) instead of all over on F&S then this place might show a little life.


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              Three nuns walk into a bar and asked for a bottle of brandy to go.

              The bartender said, "I can't sell you brandy -- you're nuns!"

              The oldest nun said,
              "It's alright, son. It's for medicinal purposes. Mother Superior has constipation."

              The bartender said, "Well, I guess it's alright then," and sold them a bottle of brandy.

              A few hours later when he was closing the bar, he heard laughing and singing in the alley, so he went over to investigate. Lo and behold, there were the same three nuns -- drunk!

              The bartender got angry. "I thought you said that brandy was for Mother Superior's constipation!"

              "Oh, it is," said the one nun. "She's gonna shit when she sees us!"


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                Two deer hunters walk into a bar.

                The third one, ducks.


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                  Why do hunters close one eye when they aim?

                  Because they can't see if they close both.


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                    Two rabbits were being chased by a group of hunters

                    One turned to the other and asked "Do we make a run for it or stay here and outnumber them?"


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                      A polack and a czechoslovakian went missing in a forest.

                      A search party of hunters formed and they went looking for the two and came upon two very large bears mating. They shot and killed the bears and cut the female bear open and found the polack's remains in her belly. One of the hunters replied "I guess the Czech's in the male"


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                        Originally posted by dewman View Post
                        Maybe if you would post both here and F&S (like most the writers/editors do) instead of all over on F&S then this place might show a little life.
                        A couple weeks back I became a bit self conscious about the number of posts I’d started. Right now I have the lead post in 11 of the 18 topics, and several secondary ones. At that time it was something like 14. It felt a bit too “look at me” rather than just random stuff I thought others may have interest in.

                        I started the TGIF threads on F&S for my own reasons earlier this year, about that time I decided other than those to only comment there and start threads here. I broke that habit a week or so ago only because it got really dead here.

                        I’m game for keeping this site going. Just wish we could convince Pmacc, Matt, ‘dawg and a couple others to join us.


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                          A snake walks into a bar.

                          Bartender asks “How’d you do that?”


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                            I wanted to reduce my online footprint and deleted most of my old posts here and there. I discovered there's not a way to get rid of any strings I started. That's the primary reason you don't see me initiating conversations.

                            Fitch, I try to always respond to any topic you've started. It doesn't seem to me you're making too much of yourself.


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                              Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                              A snake walks into a bar.

                              Bartender asks “How’d you do that?”
                              Excellent! That's one I'll use




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