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    Still day, overcast, family gone for a visit for the week. So , hopped in the kayak and did some slow paddlin' to get close to birds....wish I bought the big lens. Max I had was 135mm. Which mean,s for the close ones, I was close. Anyway, here are a few.

    Screenshot_20210726-212800_Photos~2.jpg Screenshot_20210726-172801_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20210726-212954_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20210726-212629_Photos.jpg IMG_6055~2.JPG

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    You didn't actually get but one picture!

    That woodie hen and ducklings is to die for!
    The rest....? A great blue heron and a mallard hen. Meh.
    Great job amflyer!


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      We had a momma woodie with some fuzz balls about that size up on the pond back in May. Them little buggers better get growing. Second hatch I’d say, saw a hen turkey last week with chicks proportionally the same size. Something must have gotten the first nest/chicks.

      Always enjoy your photos ‘flyer. Thanks for sharing.


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        Very nice. Waiting for it to cool back down before I venture back out. Feel free to post as many pics as you want, they are appreciated and much enjoyed. Thank you


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          Very nice Amflyer ! We can never have enough wildlife photos, and these are super.......!




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