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    Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post

    (snicker, snort, chortle!)
    Does that mean that 99's 1500 visitors will never join F&S?

    Apparently not even if they wanted to.

    Does make me wonder if they did it to shut down the spammers.


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      On the canned food.........

      am not ashamed to admit I like Dinty Moore Beef Stew.

      No its not as good as home made, but it aint bad (esp w Montreal Spicy Steak seasoning dumped on top).

      I also like canned peas, the olive drab colored ones, not the brighter green.

      Like fresh veggies of almost all types, but those funky canned peas...............I like.

      My mom is/was a horrible cook. My ex aint very good either (good thing I'm not a picky eater).

      Am not a fancy cook, but will do a squash in oven, venison on stove and w wild rice on the side, down a woody ale.

      Its passable.

      Odd, when I cook usually a bud shows up. They know when backstraps and good beer is on the menu. 6th sense kinda thing.




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