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Tractor day

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  • Tractor day

    Just something fun that happens at our school the last Friday of classes before finals week. I have no idea who started it or when, it was past my time, but somewhere along the line some kids decided they’d drive tractors to school and it turned into a recurring event. We had to sign a waiver so the Kid can take the Massey in, he was eligible before he had his drivers license as he’d taken the 4H tractor safety course at 14 but because we live several miles out didn’t want him on the road that long. Probably would have let him last year but school was remote only at this point. It’s great that they’re bringing it back.

    The kids that participate meet up at a parking lot just outside town then basically have an early morning parade into school. Pretty much rigs of all sizes show up, from lawn tractors kids in the village ride in with to 100+HP 4 wheel drives off the farms. After next year my daughter will get her turn for her junior and senior years same as her brother, but she’s petitioning us to let her take the SxS. Don’t think that would go over as well with the powers that be.

    If I catch them headed in I’ll try and get pics posted.

    Hard to believe the Kid will be a Senior in the Fall, where does the time go?

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    If they had a "Tractor Day" here, the school would need a whole new parking lot! Most of these kids have been running 9600 sized JD tractors since they could crawl up into the cab! LOL!
    One guy has a monster Ford articulated tractor with triple tires all the way around.
    That's somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,000 worth of tires!!! 🤯
    How many bushels of $1.98/bu wheat does THAT take?

    "... where does the time go? ..."

    I dunno? You tell me! LOL!

    We were "empty nesters" in 2000!
    Both graduated and out of the house!
    SUDDENLY.... I'm sitting here, 70 years old and my youngest turns 40 this year!

    Where does time go indeed!
    I guess being old beats the alternative! LOL!
    My bags are packed, I'm just not ready to step on the train! That will come soon enough.
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      We ended up behind them while headed in town. Dropped my daughter off and took a couple pics.

      The small one getting sandwiched is ours, lol!

      Not a huge turnout but it looked like they had fun, big smiles for the group photo out front.



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        The kid on the following JD needs to back off.
        I'd be nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs in that "squeeze"!

        ....or is there more room than it looks like?


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          Nice tradition! Tractors are fun for kids to drive and it gives them a little freedom.

          I started operating a tractor at 10 years old. At 17, I worked the summer on road maintenance crews and sometimes operated a tractor with side-mounted sickle mower. Lost track of the right-of-way miles I cut on the County roads.


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            Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
            The kid on the following JD needs to back off.
            I'd be nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs in that "squeeze"!

            ....or is there more room than it looks like?
            No worries FB, they’re parked out in front of the school in that shot, I cropped out the group photo being taken to the right of the frame. These were the last in line, others were further up the way.




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