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Out in the country or in a city?

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  • Out in the country or in a city?

    Where do you feel safest?

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    Dolsot bibimbap, but I would never turn down a good burger either. PS:. I can't find any primers.


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      Ho kee wobble op!
      I prefer my frozen yogurt in a waffle cone.
      I cain't find primers neither.


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        My Town is noted for miles around that we are a rough crowd. I don't think City types, black or white would last long here.

        A relative lives in the Adirondacks in a town with 12 houses and loves it.
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          Originally posted by PigHunter
          I feel safer in-between. Give me the suburbs any time over country or city.

          City problems are obvious. But in the country people take advantage of the isolation to commit crimes. Also, it's farther from life-saving services.
          We built out here in the sticks in 2002. Actually, we're pretty much out in the open without any trees within, oh, 50 to 60 feet of the house.
          The local electric co-OP offers to install a "night light" for free. It's on the co-OP's side of the meter, so, no operational costs.
          My f-i-l set up a howl that if we didn't get the night light, the local ne'er-do-wells would steal us blind.
          I had recently read an article in Progressive Farmer, a publication he praised as almost biblical, that night lights merely offered thieves "lighted shopping"!
          We (the wife and me) decided against a night light

          We're going on 20 years out here in the boonies and have not lost a single item. On the other hand, his house with "night light", 4 miles away, has pretty much been stripped clean of anything of value.

          You will have thieves anywhere you go. I'm a "known" entity as in, "I'm armed and have no qualms about shooting!"
          The local "thievery" steers clear.
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            Bumpkin here. Traffic alone is enough to keep me out of populated living.




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