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Nice find poochie!

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  • Nice find poochie!

    The kid's pup headed to the backyard after breakfast.
    THIS is what she found.

    No longer viable due to traumatic head injuries!

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    What's the issue? You should be ok as long as you don't step on it barefoot Wouldn't a scorpion or red wasp sting be worse?
    Last edited by PigHunter; 03-01-2021, 04:56 PM.


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      Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
      What's the issue? You should be ok as long as you don't step on it barefoot Wouldn't a scorpion or red wasp sting be worst?
      I've had contact with wasps, bees, scorpions, ants and snakes.
      I can't recall EVER seeing any of them and thinking, "Gee, I think I'll let it bite me!"
      All my encounters have been unintentional. ...and yes, I've stepped on some.
      SOOO....I DO get out of bed barefoot and don't turn on a light to put houseshoes on.
      Yes....I have been stung.

      I've never suffered a centipede sting (bite?), but understand they can be quite painful and a lot of repercussions.
      No, I don't want to try it just for giggles! LOL!

      I do understand that they aren't aggressive.


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        pighunter, a couple of us went on a spring squirrel hunt in May. It was warm and damp in east Texas.
        We were yakking about I'm going here, I wanna go there, i always see squirrels at....etc, etc.... when Ronnie came "UNGLUED" and began pointing to my left foot.
        I was standing on a small copperhead, perhaps 4 or 5 inches long.
        It was striking my boot, but lacked the weight or strength to penetrate the leather.
        Ronnie immediately dispatched the critter with one 20 gauge round at point blank range! LOL!

        ...and yes, he let me step off before obliterating it's head!


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          Some people get too carried away about snakes and there's no reasoning with them. A copperhead that small could have been stomped to death or just let go. No need to waste a round.

          My hard-toed work boots are what I wear mowing grass. Have stomped a few small snakes to death with them.

          Ticks are a bigger concern for me when it's warm. They can transmit some nasty stuff.




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