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    How ‘bout that.
    Thanks man!


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      No prob LOL.

      Was thinking of hitting the gun club tomorrow to zero my .243 win.
      Have not received my CZ455 .22 magnum magazine yet......should arrive this week.
      No ammo anywhere LOL So not like I'm in a hurry.

      Saw fox, yote and hound tracks where we tried for yote today.
      Deer blew out 2nd spot so a yote was proly coming in.
      Bud figured nothing and came to my position....a little too soon.
      Took my .35 rem as it's zeroed. And lighter than my .30-06, but the latter can run a bipod.

      Got about 2 miles in. Decent exercise, spooked a covey of 11 quail on way back to truck.
      Aint seen any for yrs, so that was cool.

      Too much crap to do this week, so dunno if the .243 will get to the range. Figure I'll try yotes one more time daylight, and one at night, and be done for the season.

      Just can't get into anything after the horrible deer season.
      Sold 3 of my overlap/spare rifles, am down to 4.
      .22 mag, .243, 35 and .30-06.

      Odd, does not make me unhappy.
      Don't need much, just better health, weather and time to use what I have LOL


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        Here's one for you pighunter!

        I do it at the "Cowboy Opry" but I don't do the chord progression Dallas Frazier does. I just play it in G chord and go on.
        It's a fun song.


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          You have an exciting weekend ahead of you. As for me, my friends and I decided to get together after a year after everyone left for college. It is inspiring for me, because everyone will come to my house, and I am responsible for entertainment. Of course, my friends will also offer their ideas for entertainment, but for some reason, I'm stressed. Fortunately, I found an article about girls weekend ideas, in which there are many different options for how you can spend the weekend or parties. I hope I will succeed and everything will be okay because I missed my girls and want us to rest together.
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