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Well, how'd it go?

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  • Well, how'd it go?

    It was a quiet, long weekend here. A couple Christmas Eve services with each side of the family lead into a laid back Christmas day. The wife's parents and sister popped in late morning after my crew had done our thing. My elderly "Aunt" from next door had joined us just after daybreak as has been tradition since the kids were tots. Mid morning breakfast of sausage biscuits with gravy and fried eggs. Mid afternoon we headed to my folks for the rest of the day's events with a couple of my siblings and their kids. Gifts this year were thoughtful but not over the top overall. Nice.

    Spent yesterday doing the typical reorganizing and dump run prep and came up with some stuff to donate as well. Weather was cold and windy after the front went through so had no desire to go out. Today was a little better out there but after Church this morning spent most of the afternoon looking over a new book. Feeling rested up and kinda ready to go back to work tomorrow.

    How was your weekend?

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    Limited visiting Thurs and Fri. It got cold so stayed close to fireplace and had a few drinks and went to bed early.
    Raining now, It is Sunday night and about 45deg.. Temp going up and down for the next week - cold again, teens, for New Years.
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      Hope things turn out ok PH. I cant remember the last time I was at a bar for an evening out and can't say I miss it exactly. Miss hanging with some friends though.

      A former boss used to call New Year's Eve "amateur night", he was a pretty social guy but avoided going out that night like the plague. No pun intended.


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        At work now. Off rest of week. Xmas and weekend was busy, but not in a good way.

        Walked through my deer spot yesterday aroud noon. Jumped 2 fawns.

        Pulled a camera card. 100" 8 made it through gun. He was at an old scrape at 5 am.

        Idiot next door walked dog through, twice, between 10 and 11 am. He did it farther down 3rd day of gun according to bud.

        Think hes an anti hunter or a special needs person.
        Either way its trespassing and imho harassment. So head out on non rainy day around 1030 and see if i can catch him.

        Bastard has messed up our season.
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          Originally posted by PigHunter
          Thanks Fitch, we are close friends with a couple we met at the bar twice a month until COVID. They've been staying home babysitting grandkids this year so we're not spending as much time together. There's lot's of drama with the Saturday night bunch anyway, but the Sunday night karaoke regulars are just down to earth and easy to get along with.

          New Year's Eve can get pretty wild and I've had women pinch my butt and grab my crotch while on my way to the bathroom. One grabbed me last year for a deep kiss on the way back to the table. It must be because I wear a top hat on NYE.

          A bar in the Adirondacks had a BIG New Years Eve party back in the 40's. On a lark, at the end of the party, everyone left a souvenir - their shoes. The owner proceeded to nail them at the top of the wall all around the inside of the building. They are still there. From the looks of the style I am guessing they are from the '40's. The Bar is across from Eighth Lake Mountain
          on Rt 28 just north of Inlet, New York. I have hunted all around Eighth Lake Mountain, Seventh Lake Mountain and Black Bear Mountain.


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            Went to a Christmas show/musical because 3 of the kids performing were in my wife's kindergarten class. (They are live attending here). Will post the more pertinent presents in another post but , I GOT TOYS! I got a mini leg go moose & bighorn sheep and a electronic reset target that runs on a track back and forth.Kids said I had enough books. Middle daughter is a scale builders guild (RC cars) member who has a 3D printer so she took a picture of Dads jeep that I had for 20 yrs after him and made me a RC replica. Still need to mount the mirrors and spare, do the carpeting, but it is spot on. IMG_2195.JPG IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2210.JPG oh, I still got gun stuff too.


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              Brother and I have been "guiding" 2 of his friends muzzleloader up in his cabin. If they could shoot we would be done. Try again this weekend. Their snoring is epic. Hygienic fellas anyway, that's a plus.
              wife got me blue Hogues with ss screws for the mk4 Hunter. Got a Burris ff3 but wife likes the spur better so it's on my mk4 target. Clarify. Wife shoots my Hunter and she likes the Nikon better so I set it up the way she wanted.. the Burris comes with a longer hard plastic hood when left on makes it function like a traditional style red dotIMG_2199.JPG IMG_2201.JPG
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                The RC Jeep is sweet, very thoughtful daughter you have to come up with that.

                I did get the Gun Gack book, plus a pretty nice tactical style flashlight. Apparently the Kid wasn't impressed with my old school Mini-Mag when we were blood trailing his archery buck. I think seeing them tickled about coming up with a good gift is better than actually getting it.


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                  Originally posted by PigHunter
                  I like the look of those. Fancy.

                  Decided to take back my Mk II from consignment. and will keep it a while longer. May end up giving it to one of the kids.
                  I think it's a good move. Shooting 22 pistol is something my wife, kids, friends, nieces, nephews all enjoy.(with ear muffs or plugs). If you let your kids shoot that mark2, I'm sure someone will want it. Of course cleaning it is another matter and it may find its way home to you for that.😉




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