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Well, today is the opening of gun season in Michigan !

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  • Well, today is the opening of gun season in Michigan !

    So, with that being the case, are there ay early reports on success, weather, numbers of animals seen ? Hope all remain safe and have a good hunt !!

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    Rifle opens this coming Saturday, I sat with the bow for about an hour after sunrise this morning and saw nothing. Last weekend bucks were on the move during the day but that slowed down during the week so maybe they’re hooked up with does now. I’d planned on being out this afternoon for one last sit in the tree stand but a front came in, wind’s been blowing hard and driving the rain. Oh well.


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      Glad to hear PH that you can say you had a good time, even though not successful downing a shootable buck ! Having had a good time, your trip/hunt was not a bust. Were deer sightings plentiful, or were you disappointed in numbers seen ? Number of years ago, I bow hunted Kentucky, very beautiful country all around ! Would you book another hunt there, or.....?


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        No deer last year for the freezer due to me playing trophy hunter, so decided to shoot a decent meat buck this year. I did so the first day. Managed to get Dad in another like mine last night.

        Now will be choosy.

        Bucks are chasing hard. Lots to see. Good sunsets. Very windy.
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          Awesome photos amflyer. Congrats on the "freezer filler"!

          pighunter, from the photos you posted, you were in some awfully handsome country. Tough you weren't able to close the deal. ...but that's why it's called hunting.
          Sometimes it's really neat meeting and hunting with new, unknown folks. Glad they all turned out to be upstanding folks.
          From what I can tell, despite no deer, you had a great time.


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            Busted forky and a 5 pt, one doe and two fawns....all we saw Sat. Fence sitters and neighbors had shooting, plus target shooting....totally screwed it up.

            Went Sun, not bad til 9 am. Then wind doubled and 2 trees fell. Heard a 3rd come down as I hauled azz to the road. Skirted some massive widowmakers on exit.
            Dunno if they eventually came down.

            Did not go today. Kid had medical procedure and I had to work. Been kinda out of sorts


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              bummer dude, I'm trying to get to S Texas and a shot at a meat doe.
              Every time I nail a date down, some unforeseen b.s. jumps up like Murphy's Law!

              Went for a blood draw this morning, doctor appt next Monday. Prolly tell me I got terminal "Scabby Mocus" or smelly feet.
              I swear, if I find out they tested me for COVID-19, there may be bloodshed! 🤬!

              Any way! Good luck with the rest of the season!


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                Kansas gun season doesn't open until December 2nd.

                Edit: I just saw a large bodied buck with a decent rack chasing a doe through one of our pastures.
                You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                This gallery has 2 photos.
                Last edited by Red Angus; 11-17-2020, 09:33 AM.




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