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  • Son of a Fitch; goin' mobile

    Kid got his drivers license today, only points off were for not actually turning to look behind him when he pulled out from parallel parking. I told him they had to knock off points for something. He used our 2018 Civic, nimble little car with a backup camera. Night and day different from the 1980 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon with fake wood down the sides that I took my test with. Sucker was geared ok with a 318 but probably still would have been outrun by the turbo powered Civic.

    So what did you take your road test with?

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    I honestly don't remember what my parents had me drive for the test, 45 years ago. I started driving a farm-all tractor at 9, a stick shift truck at 11. My 1st car was a $150 Buck Special 4-door, no A/C, manual three on the column


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      A '64 or '65 Ford Falcon and no kidding, the shifting lever fell off but the examiner let me shift by grasping the column and turning it. A year later I was dating her daughter and got a free motorcycle validation/endorsement. Didn't even have a bike at the time. Not kidding.
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        Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
        I honestly don't remember what my parents had me drive for the test, 45 years ago. I started driving a farm-all tractor at 9, a stick shift truck at 11. My 1st car was a $150 Buck Special 4-door, no A/C, manual three on the column
        3 on the tree yessiree. Had me a Duster with one.


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          I had a night/weekend job pumping gas at service station when I was in college, the place had '56 Chevy pick up shop truck with a three on the tree. It was nicknamed "Womp-Womp" 'cause thats what it sounded like going down the road. Fun to drive.

          My first car was a "68 Rambler 4 door with a 199 ci straight six. Still managed two speeding tickets my first year. Paid for the car with my own money and it sat in the drive for a few months until I could afford my own insurance. Really hoping the kid's smarter than I was.

          Dewman; a '64 Falcon or '72 Duster would be fun to have now. Hot rodded of course.
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            Kid got hers recently (way past 16 yrs old, but had medical issues that screwed things up, plus a couple of friends died in car crashes so she was not in any hurry).
            Borrowed her half sisters new Lexus crossover for the test.
            Has been driving her moms Jeep Liberty since.
            She detailed the inside over the last couple days, did her sisters Saturn Vue too.

            I took my test way back in a new Chevette. Smaller for parallel parking, compared to my beater Ford Galaxie 500.

            Maybe buy a beater CJ5 for us to thrash offroad next yr.


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              I took my test in a 1973 Chevy Impala , it was a real boat!


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                My sister, 3 years older, failed the written exam. Had to wait until the next week to retest. They gave her the same test.
                I aced the written test right out of the gate!
                The driving part?
                That required a retest! LOL!
                You could get your DL at 16 in TX at the time.
                Prior to that, I had been driving all over Anderson county with no license for about a year and a half!
                My driving habits were already pretty much etched in stone by then.
                Cutting corners and no turn signals were the biggest sins....and driving a bit fast too!
                The drivers exam officer was a deacon in the church I attended. About 6-2 or 6-3. Just a big guy. Not fat.

                Stuffed himself into the 1960 VW "Bug" and away we flew! We pulled back up to the courthouse, he gave me the bad news, what I had done wrong and told me to come back next week.
                A bit more relaxed, I eased along the test route slowly, sharp corners, head on a swivel and turn signals a mile prior to need!
                ...and passed with flying colors!

       my mother's 1960 VW "Bug"!


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                  Originally posted by Pmacc60 View Post
                  I took my test in a 1973 Chevy Impala , it was a real boat!
                  Mom had an impala. I loved it! All kinds of power and perfect drive in movie size. Deep forest green. Next to a Nova or Cutlass it was my favorite car.


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                    Dewman; I'm going to assume the Falcon was an automatic? If not then wow.

                    FB; my mother took her road test with a late 60's VW Bug in a snow storm.

                    Two cars my old man had that I'd like now. First one was when he was dating my mom, a '62 Impala convertible they called the Gray Ghost. The second I remember as a kid, a copper with white top '67 Mustang.


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                      I took drivers training in high school. But, you know, I can not remember my driving test at all. My dad had a ‘54 Buick that I drove until I entered the military in ‘58 ! While stationed in Germany, I bought my first ever car, a new Volvo....$1200 ! Saw a lot of Europe in that car, great times. After returning to the States in ‘62 I traded it for a new ‘62 Chev. Impala, then a new Corvair, then a new Ford Sprint, then a new ‘65 Mustang Convertable and I do not recall how many others. Damn, that all seems like too short of a time ago, now!




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