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Happy Thanksgiving !

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  • Happy Thanksgiving !

    Wishing all users on the site a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving ! How far will some of you be driving to spend this great family time with your families ? I will be driving some 12 hours to Tenn. to be with my daughter and Grandson. Best wishes to all !!

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    Same to you, Richard! I responded on FS, too, but then in spite of myself got sucked into the "complain about the relatives" vortex. Shame on me.

    I have no big distance to travel, in fact I won't be driving at all. Brother is picking me up to hunt in the morning, then afterward, up to his place for dinner, then probably back to the woods for an afternoon hunt. The weather is supposed to be dicey, though, rain and big gusty winds, so those plans might be cut short. I actually like being in the woods during somewhat bad weather, but the high winds and bending trees can make the woods kind of nerve-wracking. First time you hear that big "Crack!" off through the woods, you think of all kinds of things you could be doing back home.

    Eat well and enjoy the family!


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      Yeah, thanks Matt. Being amongst all that lumber during a high wind day, can make a certain part pucker up somewhat !! Had terribly high winds on the expressway through Kentucky this AM. With traffic at 75-80 mph, semis on both sides of you, wind blowing cars sideways, it can make you wonder if anything is important enough to be part of it. However, after a few white knuckle occasions, we are safe and sound at my daughter’s place for turkey day !


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