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Happy Day for Missourians

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  • Happy Day for Missourians

    Blues win, thank God and Jordan Binnington. That was a great series, officiating aside. Seeing Brad Marchant, the dirtiest player in the NHL, with tears streaming down his face was the icing on the cake. And it's always nice to see a team win their first-ever championship. Enjoy it, Dewman family.

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    Enjoy it we are already and will for awhile. A rare cup to be had and I will be at the parade. Voice isn't all the way back yet. Glad after the game 6 buttkicking we took I didn't have to sit through a 1 nothing nail biter, or a come from behind. Don't think my heart could've made it.
    BITTER SIDE NOTE: It appears web masters messed with the main site here and Field&Stream so I can no longer access it. This could very well be the last you'll hear from me. Good luck, stay safe
    Last edited by dewman; 06-13-2019, 04:32 PM.


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      A big heap of ‘Congrats’ to all the Blues fans !! Now, with your new power of acquisition, maybe you can do something for my Red Wings. They need a ‘shot’ of motivation to help them to some day stand again where the Blues are now. Anyway, I am happy for all you guys/girls !




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