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I'm 14 I live in Michigan, love the outdoors, but i don't have anyone in my family or anyone I know that hunts. I own a Browning

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  • I'm 14 I live in Michigan, love the outdoors, but i don't have anyone in my family or anyone I know that hunts. I own a Browning

    I'm 14 I live in Michigan, love the outdoors, but i don't have anyone in my family or anyone I know that hunts. I own a Browning Midas bow but i've never been able to use it for real. How can I go Bow Hunting if i don't know anyone?

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    well you have already taken the first step by asking for help, and bow hunters are notorious for helping others learn about our sport.whether you live in the city or suburbs MICHIGAN BOWHUNTERS have clubs throughout the state.FIND a archery shop nearby and don;t stop asking questions untill someone takes you under thier wing and shows you how to set youre bow up and helps teach you some shooting skils and techniques,good luck and welcome to bow hunting .


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      I second 6phunter.


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        I can't give you any other better advice than what's been given. Good luck, and good hunting young man. Welcome to the "family"


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          Listen to 6phunter. The only other additional idea I can think of is to go to a Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, or Gander Mtn close by. They normally have hunting seminars. If you go to one of those, might be a good place to meet someone who would be willing to take you under their wing and help to introduce you to bow hunting.

          In the mean time, dont give up on shooting your bow, practice is just as important.

          Good luck


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            Thank you. this is somthing i've always wanted to do and you guys are getting me closer to it! thanks again!


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              Take a hunters education course. Some of the gun clubs have the best courses. DSC (Detroit Sportsmen's Congress) provides (or at least used to) hunts at a pheasant farm for participants that scored 100% on the final test. Since you can't drive, have one or both parents drive you and sit through it with you so they get a comfort level. Who knows, they might even pick up target shooting or hunting themselves.

              An IBEP (Int'l Bowhunters Education Program) course is also a great idea since you are a bowhunter. This isn't required in Michigan, yet, but is in some other states and in some Canadian provinces. Well worth a day with the seasoned and certified bowhunter instructors.

              Hunter Ed and IBEP course will cost no more than $10.

              Good place to start is MI DNR website:


              Some organizations like the Ruffed Grouse Society and Pheasants Forever have Youth Days. One of he western Michigan PE chapters has a yearly event that brings in over 800 participants.

              Also, the US Sportsmen's Alliance Trailblazer program:


              Good luck - I hope to see you in the Michigan woods - great place to be.




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