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I read in one of your articles that you pee off your tree stand? Okay, so why do I spend so much time and money on Scent-Lok, od

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  • I read in one of your articles that you pee off your tree stand? Okay, so why do I spend so much time and money on Scent-Lok, od

    I read in one of your articles that you pee off your tree stand? Okay, so why do I spend so much time and money on Scent-Lok, odor-killing sprays, playing the wind, etc. if I can just go out and urinate without messing up my chances of shooting a buck? \- Rob Mcconnell

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    I used to take all the necessary precautions (urine bottle) but now I look around to make sure no deer are coming, then let fly off stand. Why? Several of the country's top deer biologists have told me that urine is 95% water and virtually toxic-free depending on what you've eaten (confirmed by several medical encyclopedias). One scientist from Auburn University went as far as to say that human urine is actually a mammalian attractant. I would not pee to attract deer, but I've learned the scent of it doesn't seem to spook them.

    I should note that many of the pros I've hunted with over the years are split: some pee off stand, some don't.

    The reason you still spend time and big $$$$ on scent control for your body, hair, clothing, etc. is that you are continuously losing millions of odor-filled molecules into the air from these sources, and anything you can do to cut down on that is good. I know from experience that Scent-Lok and Scent Blocker work and help cut down your scent molecules, but I don't buy "forget the wind, just hunt." You've got to hunt downwind or crosswind of where you expect to see deer, everytime.

    You're right, it doesn't seem to fit. Spend hours and $$$ on scent control, then pee? But you can do it and still shoot a buck. Thanks for the question.

    Anybody else care to comment? Do you whiz or not? Sort of a sick and twisted question I know, but we dig into every detail of deer hunting here at the Zone.


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      Hahahahaha---I'm a big time whizzer......had a nice 8-point walk right up to my tree this past season, stick his nose in the wet spot and then make a damn scrape. Could hardly believe what I was seeing, but I managed to whack him anyway. Pretty cool stuff.


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        A local sport show producer did a test, that was on film. They were in an area with plenty of deer. I do mean plenty.

        Anyway, they took aftershave lotion, ammonia, and human urin, and poured all three on the ground, about 5 foot apart. The one the deer came to, you guessed it. Stuck his nose it, and went as far as to taste it, trying to figure what ( or who,s) it was.


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          i've seen the cost of scent lok camo/ instead i go to an army surplus and buy chemo warfare suits for about 8 dollars, they are charcoal lined .af far as the urine i've been letting go for 40 years and don't belive it ever bothered many things on the market these days lots of hunters think that it must be something they are doing or not that keeps them from being succesful. patience and perseverance are 2 of the biggest threats to a trophies demise,


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            Why do you? Because you are a moron


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              Please do answer this one, I have never heard of this in my life. I was always taught not to use the bathroom of any kind anywhere where you plan to hunt. Deer have excellent noses and can smell you enough as it is. And if you must do it, dig a hole and cover it up.


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                I was scouting with my brother-in-law last year when we walked up on a scrape. He whipped it out and peed right on top of it then covered it up with some leaves and pine straw. I thought he was crazy but when we returned a couple of days later the buck had been back and cleaned the ground back up.




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