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Snakes, ticks, vegetation, and the stream fishing - squirrel opener.

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  • Snakes, ticks, vegetation, and the stream fishing - squirrel opener.

    Memorial Day weekend is stream season opener here in Missouri as well as th start of squirrel season. A continuing wet spring has made the woods and creekbank vegetation a jungle of which the Congo would be proud. Never have seen it this thick. In my very brief scouting forays I've come across double digit numbers of copperheads as well as I'm sure over 20 cottonmouths. Spraying down with my favorite known to work bug spray has still got me removing ticks every time. I haven't been toting my little old 9 shot H&R .22 revolver as I now walk with a cane and felt it adequate snake repellant but maybe will reconsider if weather doesn't moderate. Or simply choose to forgo early season, it seems a prudent choice.
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    Originally posted by PigHunter
    I use a push broom handle for my walking stick (has a metal end that's threaded). I consider it adequate for snakes, both for killing or just getting them out of the way. A standard machette works best for me when blazing trails through brushy undergrowth.

    Deet on skin and clothes to keep ticks away works for my area.
    Am finding the ticks in my hair or back of ears, some on my face. The spray I use on my clothes seems to be working fairly well, but not perfect. A machete? Give me a dozen of them and strong backed teenagers swinging em and I may consider it. For the job I'm looking at I'll freely capitulate now. Put the sissy sign on my back and bust me open a michelobe light.


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      Ticks like that would make me move out of state. I can't even deal with the relatively few numbers we have here in New York now. Well, I deal with them, but I hate having to.

      One way or another, Dewman, you gotta stay healthy -- the Blues are looking good for the Finals!
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        I’ve had at least as many as 50 ticks on me in one day. Now I spray with off and put mint oil on my skin. As soon as they hit the pant legs they jump off. That was even during the winter time. Now with spring they get worst with everything else. Best advice is to stay out of the thick brush.




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