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Well, Tiger Woods won the Masters against 14-1 odds.

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  • Taxidermy man called
    by fitch270
    Teaser; We haven’t picked it up yet but plan to this afternoon after the Kid gets done with work.

    Should have pics up this evening.
    Yesterday, 09:54 AM
  • Ammo/guns: the other side of the coin
    by dewman
    All of you know my latest 7mm-08. Well, I had a fella today at the little gun store I loiter at offer me $1,000 for it and the scope. Offered $40 a box...
    03-02-2021, 09:36 PM
  • Ammunition vs. components.
    by Red Angus
    Throughout the course of my daily duties, questions occasionally form in my mind as I contemplate various matters and this question seemed to be a likely...
    03-02-2021, 11:03 AM
  • Deer population
    by Red Angus
    Over evening last weekend, Feb. 20-21, my wife and I counted 55 deer in the 2-1/2 miles before we got home. Groups ranged in size from 5 to 25. Such numbers...
    03-01-2021, 05:53 PM
  • Nice find poochie!
    by FirstBubba
    The kid's pup headed to the backyard after breakfast.
    THIS is what she found.

    No longer viable due to traumatic head injuri...
    02-28-2021, 11:32 AM

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