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  • Mafrch Madness

    Anyone watching the ‘Madness’ ? Some awesome ball games. Only one top seated team left ! They will be playing my home state team today ! Excellent games last night !

    EDIT: March Madness. I am not sure what Mafrch means.......!
    Last edited by bowhunter75richard; 03-31-2019, 10:59 AM.

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    Well PH, it’s good to know you still have enough life left in you to start a spark. Yes, I have been watching, just watched my team from Michigan beat number one seated Duke 68-67. They will now play Texas Tech and your Auburn team will play Virginia in the semi finales. Good luck to your boys. If both of our teams win, we will see each other in the National Championship game. Then we can hoot and holler against each other, should be a good time with lots of excitement I would venture !! Wirh your singing skills, maybe you could sing the National Anthem before the game ! Just don’t let them see you drivers license photo, they will never believe a pig can sing a lick, lol !


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      Not even in the shower !! My musical talent is at the very bottom of all the other talents that I don’t have either. My son is a very accomplished musician, piano player and singer, has cut a few CD’s. Even at my age, I have yet to figure out just what I can brag about. Maybe my past exploits in taxidermy or traditional shooting, but that doesn’t go too far in regards to obtaining much notability !


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        Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post
        Anyone watching the ‘Madness’ ? Some awesome ball games. Only one top seated team left ! They will be playing my home state team today ! Excellent games last night !

        EDIT: March Madness. I am not sure what Mafrch means.......!
        Rich, I love March Madness and most games have been really close.
        The Devine Family has a March Madness Pool. The Final Four family member teams all win money.

        1st place wins 1/2 of the money collected.
        2nd place wins 1/4 of the money collected.
        The two third place teams each win an 1/8 of the money collected.

        No profit involved and it's all in good fun.
        My wife and I were eliminated in the first couple rounds.
        Before the family Pool started most family members didn't care about basketball but now that each team represents a brother's, sisters, nieces, nephews and their children everybody is watching the action.📺

        The Salty Dog Tavern up in Brooklyn, New York has an auction for March Madness teams.
        High Rollers buy teams before the tournament starts.
        Each tournament game you win you win money.
        Duke sold for $90,000 to $100,000. Some of the money goes to a charity.

        Virginia sold for $65,000

        Michigan State for $35,000

        Texas Tech sold for $18,000

        Auburn sold for $10,000


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          The refs did it again. Another no call for a Virginia double dribble in the last seconds.
          Pig's Auburn got hosed. 😫
          Bowhunter Rich and his local team Michigan State were out played by Texas Tech. 😩
          Sorry for your lost Guys.


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            Who do you guys think will win tonight. Virginia or Texas Tech?
            I will be cheering the underdog 🐕 Texas Tech.
            Nobody played Texas Tech close down to the wire yet.

            Round 1 Northern Kentucky lost by 15

            Round 2 Buffalo lost by 20

            Round 3 Michigan # 2 West seed lost by 19

            Round 4 Gonzaga #1 West seed lost by 6

            Round 5 Michigan State # 2 East seed lost by 10

            Championship game Virginia #1 South seed ❓




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