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Doule standard for NFL team owners

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    Originally posted by 99explorer View Post

    PH -Those words are not believable coming from you.
    All you see in that picture is two players colliding, which happens eleven plus times on every play.
    99, you and Pig remind me of the Hatfield-McCoy pi$$ing match.
    🐷 🔪 💥 🔫 🦌
    I have had my share of battles also. Honker is still taking shots at me "the Plumber rolling in sewage", but I learned to ignore him.
    Last edited by Gary Devine; 04-05-2019, 09:32 AM.


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      Originally posted by PigHunter
      Gary, I'm really trying to be nice to 99. It has been many days since I last dueled with him.
      Dueled? Duels involve rules, neckties, and two gentlemen. You and 99 are more like a couple of catamounts fighting over a calf stuck in a mudhole.

      Have a good weekend, PH, and everybody else. See you Monday.
      Last edited by MattM37; 04-05-2019, 05:29 PM.




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