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    Will justice be served ? Or because he is black, gay and a liberal will he walk ?

    Last name incorrectly spelled intentionally
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    If he pleads - probation, fines, and restitution. If he fights all the way maybe tack on a deferred sentence or small jail time (30-90 days). Certainly won't be prison time. I know the howling about resources taken from actual murder cases but let's be honest, 80% don't get solved anyway. The gays will scream bigotry no matter the sentence. Too much and it's " Chicago targets harsher penalties to gays". Too little and "Chicago doesn't care about gays enough to crack down on false reporting, which scares real victims into silence." Welcome to the republican reality Chicago.


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      I am afraid Dewman, that I must agree as to what is going to happen. However, the most important aspect of this issue, is the fear that has been put on this country to seriously impose sentencing on certain groups due to charges of ‘racism’, ‘bigotry’ or ‘phobias’ ! Also, I am sure there are those who are going to say “what is the problem, no one was actually harmed”, forgetting the very likelyhood of riots, shootings and complete unrest, if his story had been believed. We were very close to civil upset, and who knows how far that could have gone. Even as it now stands, there will be problems by certain groups no matter what sentence is given. A country is in real trouble when it is controlled by threats of violence by these segments within the society !




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