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  • Record Baseball Contract

    Infielder Manny Machado just signed a ten-year $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres.
    I don't know how much he would have left after taxes, but I doubt he will notice much difference in quality of life.

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    If I could do something that made millions of people willingly pay to watch me do it, I'd expect a hefty salary, too. These contracts, though, are just way out of hand. Especially when the league is full of primadonnas who pose in front of home plate so they end up with a sliding double, if that, on what they were sure was a home run, when it would have been a triple or easy double if they hadn't stood there posing. And guys who can't be bothered to field properly because it doesn't look cool, and can't be bothered to actually run to first base because they're "in the lineup for their bats." Not to mention this ridiculous pitching trend, nowadays -- what, your starter's ahead, still full of juice? Well, you better get that reliever in there so he can blow the lead -- and hey, don't forget to make room for the two or three relievers after him!

    Yeah, I'm bitter. It used to be so damned good to just kick back and watch a baseball game.


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      Matt - You are so right.
      When Charlie Hustle (Pete Rose) played the game, he often got on base by running out his ground balls full speed, and the infielders had to charge the ball and hurry their throws. If they bobbled the ball or threw wide, Pete was safe at first base.


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        Things are looking up a little, maybe. ESPN (who's behind a lot of the unsavory changes, the way they've glorified all the nonsense) has a new CEO or whatever the title is, and according to some of the columnists I read, he's not a frat-boy-mentality thirtysomething, and he's a true sports fan, not just a businessman. If ESPN and other networks can get back to some basics, just good honest Vin Scully-type broadcasting -- and maybe even condemn some of the primadonnas*, we might see a return to normalcy. (Funny, the whole thing is a lot like the things some of us have complained about the past few years with Field and Stream. Most of us don't care for the extreme, gear-selling, in-your-face crap; we just want the honest outdoors).

        * -- Ron Darling and Gary Cohen, the Mets broadcasters on SNY, are the only ones I've heard the past two seasons who actually call b.s. when they see it. They keep it pretty understated (probably their jobs would be at risk if they said too much), but usually they don't let it go unremarked like so many others.


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          Pee Wee Reese of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1950's used to win bets from visiting team players before a game by betting that Duke Snider could throw a ball from behind home plate at Ebbett's Field into the center field stands. Reese's salary was about $35,000 per year.
          I wonder what he would now bet that an infielder would ever get a contract for $300 million.


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            Well, the new record has just been surpassed.
            Bryce Harper just signed a $330 million contract for 13 years with the Philadelphia Phillies.
            Same annual rate however, at $10 million per year (before taxes).




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              Infielder Manny Machado just signed a ten-year $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres.
              I don't know how much he would have left after taxes,...
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