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Do boycotts work?

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  • Do boycotts work?

    Dicks' Sporting Goods decision in 2018 to ban the sales of AR-15-style rifles helped contribute to a 4.5% decline in sales in its hunting business.
    This has caused some manufacturers, like Smith & Wesson, to avoid any perception of cooperating with gun-control advocates for fear of alienated Second Amendment supporters.
    They have thus far declined to invest in any smart gun technology being heavily promoted by the gun-control people, but opposed by gun rights groups.

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    If a store banns a product that causes customers to boycott it, I am not sure a boycott will serve the desired affect, that being to cause the business to lose income. Of course the income from the boycotting customer is lost, but there could be income gained from persons who were previously non-customers due to the store selling a product they were not happy about. I imagine it would be difficult to determine if the lost income was greater than the gained to indicate the affect of the boycott.
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      Well, some part of Dicks' lost revenue could be attributed to the lost AR-15 sales, which was probably anticipated.


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        I don't believe so. For each customer who says it and sticks to it, another says it and really doesn't care and shops there anyway. Also, I think many who mean it at first come to a point where they shop there anyway -- frequently because the store is the only one close enough when they really need something. Along with the political issues, another big problem nowadays is how fewer and fewer companies even bother with decent quality / quantities of sporting goods. In my immediate area, there' s Walmart. Forty minutes to a Gander Outdoors or whatever they call themselves now, an hour to a Bass Pro/Cabelas. That's fine for a Saturday shopping trip, but not really feasible when it's the night before season opens and you realize you need something.

        Up until about 2000, there were four or five of the discount department stores around here, each with hunting and fishing stuff. Sure, not the best stuff, but sometimes not bad -- and each one of the stores had kind of its own little specialty selection. Get this: We had a Fay's Drugs -- yes, a drugstore! -- that actually had the best selection of fishing stuff for miles around! It was like a mini Bass Pro, no kidding.

        Yeah, changing times and all that.


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          "Do boycotts work?"

          Ask Target.


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            I haven't been in a Dick's or F&S store since the anti-second amendment statement. And I will not shop there ever. There's plenty of alternative retail hunting and fishing stores in the area. And of course there's always ordering from the internet.




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