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Any easy trivia questions and answers for a Labor Day party at my house today?

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  • Any easy trivia questions and answers for a Labor Day party at my house today?

    All the ones I found were tough questions.
    I found these easy ones so far.

    1. Is there more beef used on Labor Day then any other holiday. Answer is False

    2. What national food chain opened their first outlet on Labor Day.
    A. IHop B. Applebees C. Waffle House D. Chilis Answer is C

    3. Labor Day is the end of hot dog season. True or False Ans. True

    Thanks and Happy Holidays !

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    No peeking. Guesses are OK.

    1. What country celebrates Labor Day in May?

    2. When does Canada have Labor Day?

    3. What US President made Labor Day a National holiday?

    My wife's family loves to talk and have trivia questions, during hors d'oeuvres at family holiday parties.
    Winners get a lottery ticket, so you could win a million dollars.
    My family eats, drinks and watch sports on TV.


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      Whatever brings a family together Gary is the important thing and sports can be as good as anything !

      1. Germany.
      2. I do not have enough interest in Canada to care.
      3. I would guess Truman.

      You can donate my million dollars to a good charity !


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        That's a good way to pass time on Labor-day. I guess?


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          Frankly speaking, I know that also in Russia on 1 May is a day of labor and they make many events and this day is officially weekend and everyone went for a barbecue out of town in nature. As for me, I don't celebrate it, but I'm always glad to have an additional rest. My teenage son on the contrary just waits for the occasion to party. This year unlooking at the pandemic situation they organized a private party to gather with his classmates in our yard. I found who helped us with all the necessary equipment - lighting, sound, and stage construction. So, the children had really fun and fortunately, nobody got sick with covid.
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