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Any suggestions on how to keep mallards out of a friend's built in swimming pool? ?

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    Originally posted by Buckshott00 View Post
    This question seems a bit like entrapment. One of those "I'm not saying I need to kill ducks quietly, but if I needed to kill ducks quietly, how would I do it?" Type things.

    Theoretically: it's been covered quite well, an air rifle, an air-shotgun, slingshot, sling-bow, bow with "dodgebow / archerytag" headed arrows, ones that haven't really been covered would be something like a .22lr with ratshot loads. There are of course traps he could buy, but that would require transporting / disposing of a trapped duck.

    A solar cover would probably do the trick right? Or he might try an air hose / sparger. Lots of bubbles rippling the surface of the water make it hard for the duck to float, they don't like that. You might be able to do the same thing with sufficient quantities of dishsoap, and change the surface tension of the water making them go away.

    I liked the gator decoy. In fact, there are funny prank videos of people attaching the gator decoys to R/C boats. Another one is hawk and owl decoys they work pretty well. I know a local place that uses a full body Coyote decoy and that works pretty well too, so maybe a fox decoy might do the trick if he can't find a 'yote.

    One of those automatic pool cleaners scares away most wildlife. I like roomba but it cleans the pool, so that would be a win win for him.
    LOL yup, not the brightest.




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