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    Originally posted by huntfishtrap View Post
    Leave it to OL to finally communicate something about what they're planning...only to reveal an idiotic idea. As jcarlin pointed out, this is a blatant attempt to get more information about the users here for advertising purposes. That would be more disturbing if it weren't for the fact that it's so easily manipulated, as JM said. I for one will be putting down a false age if/when I am prompted to do so. I would encourage everyone else here to do likewise. It's time for a revolt, peasants!
    Most OL users have fake usernames. I use my real name and my birthdate, so hackers can pinpoint me.
    Can I change my birthday date on this site??? I use my Father's date. RIP Dad


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      Originally posted by JM1993 View Post
      How are you going to verify information? All the core users on the website already know my age, but what would stop me from saying im 99 when I log in? And what will stop a 12 year old from pretending to be his 18 year old brother? I like that you will ask certain users for interests in the coming weeks, but I don't understand the age portion.
      Yeah, I have noticed that too as of late Gary, in fact had to log in again just to post this comment, can not stay logged in for more than a day. It is getting that I only check out the site anymore just in order to see what goofy things they are throwing at us on any particular hour of the day or night, there is always a cute little surprise waiting in the 'ol sock hanging over the fireplace !! This site has done one thing for me though, it has helped me to overlook failures of others more than I used to, lol !!


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        Originally posted by PigHunter
        Thanks Alex. What is driving the change? Have the number of site visits significantly dropped?

        If so, perhaps it’s because you have so many interrupts running the ads that it’s painful to even compose a message such as this on your site. I finally gave up and typed into WORD before cutting and pasting into the dialog window. It’s very frustrating navigating the OL and F&S sites these days and maybe that’s driving people away.

        Also, why are you imposing a new age limit? What will be the lowest age that you’ll accept user input?
        I am not sure it was the toe, I think it was the entire head that was immersed and the result was fatal, or caused unconsiousness to the point of causing thinking to be an impossibility !




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