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I never have had any luck using a buck grunt call during any rut season. I have had some luck using doe bleats and Tink's #69 lu

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  • I never have had any luck using a buck grunt call during any rut season. I have had some luck using doe bleats and Tink's #69 lu

    I never have had any luck using a buck grunt call during any rut season. I have had some luck using doe bleats and Tink's #69 lure. What is the difference between doe bleats, doe grunts, and fawn bleats (I saw a "deer can" call that), and when is it crucial to use each/all of these? Also, they say using deer bleats are for all rut seasons, how much do you find this to be true? Thanks

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    I am by no means an expert at calling. I wouldn't even call myself anything more than decent, so consider that when reading...
    -The only time I have ever had luck using a grunt call is when a buck is far away, but in sight. I have also used it to stop deer that are a long distance away.
    -I have had luck using doe calls during gun season. I think with all of the confusion of guns going off deer often get split up(or a deer they were with was killed) and are looking for others to be with, and both a buck and a doe will respond to a doe call.
    -One thing you did not mention was rattling antlers. I have had the most luck with this by far(possibly due to being the thing I try most). I have had both bucks and does come in due to curiosity.


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      I will also open up by downplaying my calling skills, but what I've observed over the years.

      Grunt call-I've never called a deer in on just a grunt. Ever. Admittedly because of that I've stopped using very often and never alone. In the late season I've found that using it in conjunction with a doe bleat (can or just vocally) can occasionally bring a buck charging in.

      Doe bleats. I sometimes use a can call, but anymore have made do with a poor vocal imitation. My observation is that at worst, it sometimes doesn't work. I've never seen a deer move towards it with a purpose. I've often seen deer that seem to slowly trickle towards it while browsing, even changing apparent direction of travel to do so. I do believe that after jumping doe while heading to stand it seems to bring them back in the area more quickly if you don't do anything foolish like climbing a tree while they're still in sight. I've never seen a visible deer shy from the call, which actually has surprised me.
      Fawn bleat- I have no experience using one. Two Saturdays ago I shot over a doe that jumped the string. The fair sized yearling in the group when everyone regrouped let go a couple of loud but short and high pitched "Meeep"s. Additional doe came running across the field to the group at that call.

      My two cents.


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        I actually have experienced exactly the opposite as you - I've had a fair amount of luck calling in bucks with grunts, but none whatsoever with bleats. But like JM, I have had much better success calling in bucks with rattling than with any other type of calling. Snort-wheezing can also work well if you're calling to a fully mature, dominant buck. It will likely scare away any younger/less dominant deer though. That's why I don't use that vocalization blindly, only when I know I'm calling to a "big one".
        I've never tried fawn bleats for deer hunting, but I have called in does when using bleats while coyote hunting in the spring and summer, so it might be useful if you're just looking to shoot a doe.
        I've never heard of anyone using doe grunts, but I guess they might work if you're looking to shoot a doe, as with the fawn bleats.
        I personally have never used scents much. I'm sure they work occasionally, but it's not worth the extra hassle, for me.


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          I also have had the most success with rattling. Either antlers or the bag of sticks.


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