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That time of year again, don't forget to buy a deer harness and wear it properly in your stand. Don't become a statistic. Yes it

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  • That time of year again, don't forget to buy a deer harness and wear it properly in your stand. Don't become a statistic. Yes it

    That time of year again, don't forget to buy a deer harness and wear it properly in your stand. Don't become a statistic. Yes it can happen to you! Remember to have a step strap if you do fall and your harness tightens up. Blood flow stoppage will kill you as much as the fall could. Youtube how to use one properly. Happy Hunting!

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    Thanks for the reminder and great advice, MWK_MN. An approved harness system is such an easy bit of insurance that I see no reason to not have one. Mine is a vest and is very easy to put on and I don’t even know I’m wearing it. It was about 200 dollars with accessories, which was definitely not money I wanted to spend at the time. However, I feel that I owe it to myself, my family and my friends to take every simple safety precaution. The owner of the farm I hunt on has a policy: No harness, no hunt, which seems reasonable to me.


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      No animal/hunt is worth losing your life over. Be safe out there, and good luck. Keep us updated.


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        4everautumn, I am using the freebies that come with purchases of deer stands now a days. They aren't as comfortable as a vest but they do the job. Just up to 3 years ago I never wore a harness. I had a couple close calls and read several sad stories and that changed. There's some cool new gear on the market that protects you as you climb and descend the tree which if you think about it is really important. I once had a screw in tree step come out of a tree that was unknown to me rotten and also had one break in half. Luckily both times I was only a couple feet from the ground. I never knew about the danger when dangling in a tree of stopping blood flow circulation but after watching some youtube videos now I know. I figured most people haven't heard of it so I thought it be good to share it. Also the 3 points of contact rule while climbing is a good one in case a step or hand grip gives out you don't pummel.


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          I also use the device that if you do fall lets you to the ground in a controlled decent.




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