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I am disabled and on a fixed income, and I hunt public land I don't get a deer every year, I know there is a lot of pressure on

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  • I am disabled and on a fixed income, and I hunt public land I don't get a deer every year, I know there is a lot of pressure on

    I am disabled and on a fixed income, and I hunt public land I don't get a deer every year, I know there is a lot of pressure on public land is there a way considering I can't hunt as much as most people, I can increase my odds? The main problem is walking distances, so I have to hunt closer to the access roads, and use a ground blind.

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    Start with your States Fish and Game Department. In My State and many others they have lots of assistance and even special hunts and land that can be accessed for hunts. Then contact your state rifle clubs and hunters rights groups for more information...and make some new friends.


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      DUSTIN i;ve made it a habit to hunt for deer year round/ i only shoot though during open season.I'M constantly finding and losing hunting grounds ,some i've kept over the years but i'm not so gullible to think i could't lose those to;sometimes i get permission and never hunt the property,but i keep a list.WHAT i'm saying is that it's not hard gettin permission on private property if you keep trying.ONCE U FIND A SPOT set out mineral blocks or a food plot close to ur access point . IF NONE OF THIS works just leave me a message and i'll take ya where anyone can shoot a deer .


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        I myself am only 24 years old, but I was hurt while in the marines and I am now disabled, in MT there are some programs you can go through not only as a disabled vet, but also as a disabled citizen. We have a lot of locked gates in the mtns here and I can get a copy of the key behind them due to the fact that I am disabled myself. It proves to be a bonus as not very many disabled hunters are still up to the challenge to hunt. I admire your persistance and dedication, together we all can show those anti hunting people that hunting is also a passionate perspective and also a way of life.


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          Also, if your state has a program as long as your disabled you should be able to get half off of your hunting liscense's as well.


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            Glorifiedmidget, Thank you for your service to our country. We all are deeply in your debt, whether we acknowledge it or not.


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              There are groups that host diabled hunts. You should look in to one of these.
              Buck Masters is just one of them. Good luck and Good hunting !


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                SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT thats the key, an area i hunt is private but it is close to a main highway just scout alot and try to get permission from landowners, good luck and happy hunting




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