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Why is Turkey hunting so much more fun than deer hunting to you guys?

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  • Why is Turkey hunting so much more fun than deer hunting to you guys?

    Why is Turkey hunting so much more fun than deer hunting to you guys?

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    Although turkey hunting is fun, I would say it's the other way around for me. Turkey hunting is only 5 days in the spring and the fall, and it overlaps bow season for deer, so there is not much time to hunt them. People might like turkey hunting better because turkeys are far more vocal and it is a game/challenge to bring them in with calls and decoys.

    Deer do call to one another though. If someone becomes good at calling deer (with all of the different types (4)), it is possible to call them in. Sometimes its hard to believe calling in deer works because deer don't always call back when they are locating the caller and because of that, people believe there are no deer.
    Basically I think some people find turkey hunting easier because of the interaction between them with calling and the fact that you can locate them from far away by sound.
    I do love turkey hunting and just calling to them but for me, deer hunting is much bigger


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      As you mention, for me it's the calling aspect and being able to hear the gobblers over distance. And while I see your point about deer vocalizing, for me the grunts and bleats don't compare to the sounds that gobblers and hens make. Also, here in my state, we get a month and a half for turkeys in the fall and a month in the spring. I also just love being in the woods in the springtime, gathering wild leeks and morels, hearing the birdsong, seeing everything turn green, etc.




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