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when sighting in my compound bow at the archery shop, the distance was only 20 yards and the bullseye was around 4.5 feet high w

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  • when sighting in my compound bow at the archery shop, the distance was only 20 yards and the bullseye was around 4.5 feet high w

    when sighting in my compound bow at the archery shop, the distance was only 20 yards and the bullseye was around 4.5 feet high when i was on with my 20yd pin,I had to sight in the rest of the pins I used a block target on the ground with the bullseye at 18 inches high,should the bullseye be at 4.5ft. when sighting in all the pins, out to 40yds. will this affect arrow drop, seeing the bullseye is lower

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    This is a really good question, I'm gonna take an educated guess on. Based on law of physics, the object in motion is gonna stay in motion no matter the angle, the only thing that should change is as you get further out, the kinetic energy will drastically drop causing the arrow to drop lower. Also, if you think about shooting from a treestand which could be between 15-40ft in the air, the angle does matter, however, I don't see a matter of 3 feet in angle change causing a problem. Best guess Don, I haven't seen a question this well on here in awhile.


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      Good question, and while I'm no mathematician or physicist, I would agree with officerdom1987; in the greater scheme of things, that 3 feet isn't going to be a big deal, unless you're a pro target archer maybe.


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        i have thought of that question before while at the range. I think i tried that out before with moving the target at different heights and found no big difference but I was going to go the range soon to re-adjust my sights.I'll try your idea out. My best advice is to try it out at a real range where you can shoot out to 50 yards. Every bow shoots a little different. Like i said it shouldn't make a difference at what height you sight into. Also, my advice to ALL BOW HUNTERS/SHOOTERS; GET THE CORRECT ARROW FOR YOU BOW. Don't just buy a set off the shelf, get someone who knows how to find the right arrow for you set up. This makes all the difference and i have personally seen how accurate people become with the right set of arrows.




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