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has anyone done any last minute bow hunting 4 deer or small game? any luck? didnt see any the last 2 days. chased a ruff grouse

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  • has anyone done any last minute bow hunting 4 deer or small game? any luck? didnt see any the last 2 days. chased a ruff grouse

    has anyone done any last minute bow hunting 4 deer or small game? any luck? didnt see any the last 2 days. chased a ruff grouse on the last day (12/31) but didnt get a shot off it (dang bird was right above on a limb n started to take off when i saw him) btw happy newyears!

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    -It is snowing right now and I have the next few days off at work so I'm going to hit the woods hard. Still have an archery deer tag(and two archery turkey tags since I haven't seen any while bow hunting), so hopefully I can fill them! I have until Jan. 15th.
    -Happy New Year to you as well.


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      what kind of turkey season is open 4 u? Minnesota just has a spring and fall season. thats cool that u have until January, bow season use to be open until the 1st


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        In Missouri when you buy a resident archery tag you get 2 deer tags(only 1 buck allowed) and 2 turkey tags and you are allowed to shoot all native fur bearers(coyotes, fox, bobcat, etc.). The archery season is open from September 15th through January 15th for both deer and turkey.


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          The deer numbers are down to levels like I haven’t seen before in the areas I hunt. I shot a deer from both places with my bow this fall, so I have meat in the freezer and I will keep my remaining tags in my pocket. Too many people in Iowa are shooting everything they can, while they complain about the amount of deer they are seeing. The doe I don’t shoot late this year could be three for next season.


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            I feel like that is starting to happen here as well. The problem is that it sometimes only happens in small areas, so the overall harvest numbers cover it up. I've never been a fan of unlimited doe tags...


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              We're muzzleloader hunting for deer now, and haven't had too much luck. One of my brothers got a decent 8 pointer, but that's it.
              @4ever, I hear you about the unscrupulous deer hunters here in Iowa. My brother was scouting in a popular public-hunting area, and he found two does that had been shot perfectly, right through the chest, and whoever shot them had just left them lay in the open woods, without taking any meat. I wish I could get my hands on those worthless idiots...


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                good luck, and god bless you all in the rest of your hunting season. Happy New Year, Hunt well you still can,




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