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Hi All. A repost of an old question that I still need help with: 09/11/11: Read a poem or essay, don't remember which, about 10

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  • Hi All. A repost of an old question that I still need help with: 09/11/11: Read a poem or essay, don't remember which, about 10

    Hi All. A repost of an old question that I still need help with: 09/11/11: Read a poem or essay, don't remember which, about 10 years ago, and am trying to find it. It compared hunting\conservation with the "humanity" of letting nature deal with deer over population. The story was aimed at those who felt hunting was bad and that it is best to let nature take it's course. The author vividly describes the brutality of nature - winter, starvation, predation, etc., as compared to legally harvesting deer with a single, comparatively, painless bullet. An absolutely amazing story. I would really like to find this again. Any help? 11/21/12: Thanks to those who tried to help, but I still can't find the article. I think DSMbirddog is on the right track with Kerasote, but couldn't find an essay that matched what I remember. I was thinking maybe Cerulli? Any ideas? I really appreciate the help. this article is what motivated me to be a hunter.

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    I'll keep looking, John.


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      Here is a book by Ted Kerasote that contains most of his essays and magazine articles. I think it was published about 2003. Heart of Home: People, Wildlife, Place. You might find it at a library or book store. Next trip to my library I am going to see if they have it.


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        Hi John - was it Aldo Leopold's piece on the Kaibab deer herd, and the overpopulation of deer on winter range? The famous wildlife biologist and author studied what happened with government predator control on what was (and still is) one of America's classic mule deer areas. Deer overbrowsed their range and when a tough winter arrived, many starved to death. He argued a) that hunting was by far more humane than starvation, but also that such total control of predators allowed the prey population to swing way out of balance.
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