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K guys need some help. I live in Iowa the weather here is in the 50s to 60s. I want to fill my daughters tag and get her into th

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  • K guys need some help. I live in Iowa the weather here is in the 50s to 60s. I want to fill my daughters tag and get her into th

    K guys need some help. I live in Iowa the weather here is in the 50s to 60s. I want to fill my daughters tag and get her into the sport shes 13 and this is her 2nd year and she's getting frustrated. I want her to get a buck for sure nothing huge just something to put meat on the table and to break the ice we haven't seen much at all. I hunt in a small patch of woods next to a big creek to my south, bean field to the east and a hwy to the west to the north is also beanfield. As of right now where or what should I be doing to increase her chances. Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    Id sounds like your in coen country. typically there will be a tree line a hundred yards wide or so in the area. try walking it whilelooking for concentration of sign and trails. if theres a spot where multiple lines come together or other pinch points like this, hunt there.


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      Thank you.


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        -If you're not having much luck on that property, maybe you should try hunting a new piece, some public land maybe? I live in IA too, and here in the NE part of the state it seems like the bucks aren't widely cruising much any more, but are still active in daylight around doe bedding and feeding areas, so I would try to find those kind of spots. -I can't explain why, but I run trail cameras pretty heavily, and I have seen almost no buck movement in the afternoon/evening. So I would concentrate on hunting mornings, if possible.
        -It's not going to be easy, because the rut hasn't been great this year, but if you can find an area that has a concentration of does, you should get a crack at some kind of a buck.
        -Good luck!


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          Have you been seeing does? If yes I would just stick it out, if not get up and find a new spot.




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