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This weekend is the youth hunt in Michigan, and this will be my last year hunting during it. The rut here in our area is usually

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  • This weekend is the youth hunt in Michigan, and this will be my last year hunting during it. The rut here in our area is usually

    This weekend is the youth hunt in Michigan, and this will be my last year hunting during it. The rut here in our area is usually early to mid November. My question is what calling/rattling strategy will be the most effective during this time.

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    I don't know that calling/rattling will work. I have had a few come in during early pre-rut if they are in sight. They didn't come very close though. Mild curiosity I would say.


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      Find some well used trails and hope for the best. It is like early ML season here in mid October.


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        Calling isn't going to do much. Deer are curious animals, but I doubt rattling will accomplish very much either. If at all possible try to get out before the season starts and scout around a bit. If you do not have a chance to scout it out, just set up off of a trail/food source/water source.


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          I'm here in Wisconsin, so maybe this will help. Stay near any green crops. If there aren't any, hunt beans when they're dried out really good. Otherwise, DSMbirddog has some very good tips. As far as calls go, call on sight. If its a buck, I would try a snort-wheeze. Otherwise, try a contact grunt. Good Luck.


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            Calling and RATTLING early in the season will work,although most hunters including myself at times over use them.Although quiet stand is never over used.Soft bleats and subtle grunts along with
            'light tickling" offer the stand setter the chance to be more proactive and involved.This is your last year in a youth hunt,have fun intereacting with the outdoors.We know a lot more about deer these days than we did nearly fifty years ago.When the wind is in your favor and you jump a deer and it runs off blowing,blow back.IT worked once this I can attest too.So don't be shy to step out of the box. Sometimes the tried and true,hasn't been tried in the right way to be true.GOOD LUCK'' on your last youth hunt,it;s only the beginning.


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              Light sparring and mild, non-aggressive grunts can work in the early season, especially if a dominant buck happens to be nearby, but don't expect miracles.




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