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LOL, CONCERNING bans on SUNDAY HUNTING in some states,seems like peoples religious beliefs intefere with the perception of seper

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  • LOL, CONCERNING bans on SUNDAY HUNTING in some states,seems like peoples religious beliefs intefere with the perception of seper

    LOL, CONCERNING bans on SUNDAY HUNTING in some states,seems like peoples religious beliefs intefere with the perception of seperation from church and state.WHEN these bans are changed and they will be,it doesn;t mean you have to hunt on SUNDAYS. WHY IS IT,THAT THERE IS ALWAYS A FEW WHO WANT TO PUSH THIER BELIEFS AND CUSTOMS ON OTHERS RATHER THEN LET PERSONAL FREEDOMS BE JUST THAT,PERSONAL CHOICE?

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    People have always tried to assert their wills over other people and it has been this way ever since we came down from the trees, and probably before that. Each of the religious denominations thinks that it has the ultimate answer to life's questions and the rest of us sinners are going to Hell or New York if we don't do what they think we should.
    As Mark Twain said, "Man is the only animal that has the true religion---several of them."
    He also said, "Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to."


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      Hunting seasons/regulations have not always been around. Even back when you could hunt virtually anything year around, some chose not to hunt on Sundays due to religious beliefs.


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        It should be a personal choice - Hit Post Answer to quick


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          Because there's always going to be people who are more interested trying to fix other people's behavior than looking to see if their own life is in order. It's a fact of life, unfortunately.


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            These bans will end but they have been around for years and are hard to finally get rid of. You are all corect about others forcing their values on others. Good comments all.


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              I'm self-employed and work 60+ hours/week... There are definitely times when my only hunting opportunity is on Sunday, so I get the gripe.

              But have you considered that the Sunday prohibition may no longer have anything to do with religion? Perhaps there are some who just want one peaceful day per week when neighbors aren't running dogs across their land? Or maybe they want one day a week when they don't have to listen to gunfire from dawn to dusk? Or maybe even just one day when they can take a walk in the woods without worrying about being mistaken for a 250 pound buck (I'm a big guy).

              There may be lots of reasons for the once-a-week prohibition, and at one time it may be been motivated by religious principles, but I very seriously doubt that it's a factor today. Rather than complain about religious people and guessing at their motives, I suggest you call your local/state legislative representatives and ask them to introduce legislation changing the current law in your state.


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                Todfish - Most of those reasons you listed can be controlled. Landowners can post their lands against Sunday hunting, and walkers can wear blaze orange. Not much you can do about gun-fire all day long, but the season is short, and perhaps increased success in bow season due to Sunday hunting would leave fewer tags to fill in the gun season. Hunters don't get many days in a year to hunt, and taking a day away on a weekend really limits the opportunity for hunters to enjoy their sport, especially the working man/woman. With gas prices the way they are, and hunters needing to travel to get to their hunting grounds, it's hardly worth buying a license if you only get 1 day a week to hunt. I really do wonder how much license sales would increase in the "no Sunday hunting" states if Sunday hunting were legalized. Guess we won't find out unless it actually happens.




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