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Due to the number of deer being found with CWD, the Missouri Department of Conservation has removed the antler-point restriction

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  • Due to the number of deer being found with CWD, the Missouri Department of Conservation has removed the antler-point restriction

    Due to the number of deer being found with CWD, the Missouri Department of Conservation has removed the antler-point restriction (the restriction was that a buck must have atleast 4 points on one antler) in the 6 counties that have had cases of CWD. The theory behind this is that young and mature bucks are much more likely to carry the disease, so the hope is that more will be killed now that the point restriction is gone. Many of these counties have a high number of deer killed each year, along with the county that often has the most deer killed in the entire state. Any thoughts on this move to remove the point restriction? Also, I live in one of the counties that has had cases of CWD. I have never seen any deer that had any sign of the disease be it on my land or killed by another hunter near by. Should there be a certain type of deer I should target during archery/rifle season to help out? Also if you wan't to read more about it:

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    I wouldn't necessarily target a deer for that specific reason but if I saw one that was gaunt or acting oddly, I would pass on it. Where I hunt in WI there was an eradication zone and I believe it still is. You could shoot as many does as you wanted to buy tags for. Once you shot a doe you could then shoot a buck. I honestly believe that project was a failure.


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      Yeah, I personally don't agree with programs like that, while I don't actually hunt there, I live right across the Mississippi river from the CWD eradication zone in Wisconsin, where they had a program much like yours in Missouri, and that one was widely considered a flop, because they pretty much exterminated the bucks, but they still have the disease there.
      As far as you shooting any special deer goes, I wouldn't bother with it, unless you see an animal acting sick, then I WOULD shoot it, and notify the authorities.


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        THEORY ? A theory is a guess,it may be an educated guess but still a guess. DSM, HUNT FISHTRAP,SHOWING WISDOM in the deer woods with advise on which deer to target.


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          The purpose of targeting specific deer is to help prevent the disease from spreading. For years data has been collected on deer dispersal and home ranges. Generally, bucks disperse when they are 1-1.5 years of age, so young bucks have the most potential to spread disease to new areas. Dispersals are generally 1-10 miles, but 20+ mile dispersals are not uncommon, and 40+ mile dispersals have been recorded. Additionally, adult bucks have been recorded to use core areas that are several miles apart. Adult does tend to have a very small home range, often no more than 300-600 acres. For the sake of containing the disease, shoot every buck and fawn you can. Wisconsin failed to contain CWD, but NY didn't...the key was early detection and aggressive localized harvest. Good luck!




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