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There are many hunts I would love to try during my lifetime, but there are also many hunts I would like to stay clear of. Are t

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  • There are many hunts I would love to try during my lifetime, but there are also many hunts I would like to stay clear of. Are t

    There are many hunts I would love to try during my lifetime, but there are also many hunts I would like to stay clear of. Are there any hunts that you would rather not partake in? Are there any hunts you would like to go on but wont due to the location of the hunt(for reasons other than the financial cost)?

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    I no longer have the stamina to even think about hunting for mountain sheep or goats, and I don't think I'd like to hunt much of anything in the hot desert. I have no desire to kill an elephant, even if I could afford it.


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      If I wont eat it. I wont hunt it. So no hunting elephant, bear, or any of the big cats for me, also wont hunt wolves or coyote.


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        For some reason, I have never had much of a desire to hunt bears of any kind. I can't put my finger on why I feel that way, but I do. I also wouldn't want to go elephant hunting, because they're too "human" in some of the ways they act. I don't have much of a desire to hunt Dall sheep either, because of the insanely brutal terrain and weather where they live.
        As far as hunts I would like to go on, but probably won't, mule deer/Coues whitetail hunting in Mexico has always sounded fun to me, but I don't think there's anywhere in Mexico that's safe from the drug gangs anymore.


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          As much as I love big game animals, I could never find myself hunting a Moose. Just something about it would just make me not be able to press the trigger if I had to; too majestic of an animal I guess. I'll stick to eating moose jerky sticks from gander mountain.


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            I'm with Mesarich on this one, elephant's big cats, and the big bears. But the thing that would stop me is that I think these are just fascinating animals. I would love to hunt Cape Buffalo sometime though!


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              An elephant provides much needed protein to local tribes. Also,in certain areas they are over populated and must be harvested or they will destroy the forest.

              I see so many moose at very close range while fishing, I feel there would be little sport in shooting one.


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                WHITETAIL IN SASK.


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                  One shot, do or die on a charging Cape that would be the hunting experience of a lifetime. The problem is living to tell about it!




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